Many people are unfamiliar with a bit of the ways to save for Christmas in the UK; including the sites like "Park Hampers: Christmas Savings", "My Voucher Codes", and using online shopping as a medium to avoid brick and mortar business’s retail pricing on items like food hampers, toys, and clothing. Besides saving on the actual items you buy, there are other frugal ways that don’t completely revolve around money. Such as creating your own gifts from scratch, and using materials found in your home or outside to implement into your gift. Here I will explain a few of the myriad of ways in depth so that your Christmas shopping goes more smooth and debt free.

Park Christmas Savings!

"Park Hampers Christmas Savings" website's slogan is “Making Christmas debt free for over 40 years.” They can be found at or typing park Christmas in Google, have experience in their field and are willing to help you save for Christmas before Christmas actually comes. A statistic found states that over 400,000 families order for Christmas with Park HampersCredit: in every year so they can spoil their family without worrying about huge credit card bills in the New Year. The sooner you order your products from them the less you pay in small regular installments and you pay small periodic payments until November 1st. How they work is through three simple steps.




1)     Browse through their Catalogue

They have a vast range of food hampers, toys, jewelry, video game consoles, DVDs, fragrances, electronics, gift card vouchers and much more. Pick any items you would like to purchase and you could either order by purchasing online, through the phone, or by mail by asking for their catalogue.

2)     After purchasing, Begin Saving!

Spread the cost of Christmas by paying them in small intervals until November 1st.

3)     Enjoy!

Your gifts we’ll be delivered with plenty of time to spare before Christmas, just sit back and wait for the delivery man to knock on your door.

My Voucher Codes

Another UK based website, for discount coupons from your favorite stores. They have discount coupons ranging from anywhere to companies in electronics like Dell computers to companies in hospitality like Hilton Hotels. They can be located by simply typing in “my voucher codes” in Google or at and you can also download their IPhone app to look at their coupons as a simple hobby.My Voucher CodesCredit: My Voucher Codes




Handmade Presents: Food Hampers, Christmas Cards, Wrapping Paper

Handmade gifts might not always be the most expensive but they sure are the most thoughtful type of gifts. Here a few ideas to get you started.


Food Hamper

Art of Appreciation Grand Edition Gourmet Food and Snacks Gift Basket - MediumCredit: AmazonFun fact: For North Americans, hampers usually mean a place to put clean or dirty laundry. In the UK however, it is also a British term for a wicker basket. This is often used for transporting food, clothing, or other items. You could, if you know them well enough, make your own Food Hampers filled with your loved ones favorite treats.



Christmas Cards

Christmas Card(106110)Credit: curbly.comNothing says “thoughtful” and “I love you” more than making your own Christmas card through the arts and crafts or designing them on the computer.




Wrapping Paper

Comic Book Gift WrapCredit: pdx.eduFinding wrapping paper of something unique such as the newspaper section of your friend’s favorite comic strip or printing out a plethora of pictures of all your favorite memories with them is a simple way to show you care for the person.


Shopping online

If your time is valuable to you and you would rather shop online at globally trusted well-known sites, Amazon is a perfect choice, especially if you want a pre-made Food Hamper.

In general, shopping online is a great way to shop whether you’re Japanese, American, or British. It could save you time and money, which would be more valuably spent in the company of the people precious to you. Time is also a commodity but a priceless one at that, so if you’re not that computer-friendly I believe sites likes Amazon is one of the most safe and simplest places to purchase goods. Like anything online though be wary of any information you give out and be concerned with the security of your computer. Regularly perform scans to check if you have any Trojan viruses or key loggers, I wish you luck and safe shopping!