Spend Less on Clothes

Clothes Shopping Tips

There are some great, simple and surprisingly effective ways to save money on clothing. This article contains a list of ways to spend less when you go shopping for clothes for yourself, your spouse, your children and anyone else on your shopping list. 

1. When you enter any clothing store, head straight to the back where the clearance racks are. You might be surprised to find that just the right item for you (or someone you love) is available on clearance. 

2. If you find a piece of clothing you love, but it has some loose threads or a small mark on it or some other flaw that you think you can fix or live with, take the item to the sales person and see if you can work out a deal. Many salespeople will be open to negotiating, and sometimes you can secure a substantial discount by taking this approach.

 3. As you head from one season to another, you can often find significant savings on the seasonal clothes of the season that is coming to an end or has recently ended. Be sure to take advantage of these seasonally oriented sales opportunities.

4. Use coupons as frequently as possible. Many big clothing department stores are perpetually having sales and sending out catalogs with coupons. Be sure to use all of the coupons that come in the mail and don’t be shy about asking sales people if there are additional in store coupons that you should know about, too. 

5. Consider opening a charge account (not at too many stores, but at one or two of your favorites). It’s not a good idea to get too many charge cards if you are being frugal, but a couple well chosen ones can work to your advantage in some very specific ways. For instance, if you go to a store that has frequent sales, and that provides additional savings if you use the store’s in house charge card, you can charge your items on that card and then pay the entire debt off immediately right on site at the moment of purchase. 

Within reason, please allow yourself to splurge on a somewhat pricier garment once in a while. After all, if you are frugal most of the time, you are more than entitled to a little “clothing treat” every once in a while.