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Most people try to get as much use as possible out of their old appliances.  There always comes that one day where our washer, dryer or maybe even our stove needs to be replaced.  This time usually comes when we least expect  it and have little or no money to pay for it.  Even when buying a new home, you may need to purchase appliances if there are none.  How do you get new appliances and save money at the same time?  Some of the tips below may help.

1Ask the Builder.  If you are purchasing a new home and have no money for appliances; ask the builder to throw them in.  If a few appliances will make the difference between selling a home or leaving it on the market, the builder will gladly give you that new refrigerator.  They may even upgrade the appliances to stainless steel if that’s your preference.

2.  End of the Year Bargains.  During the last season of the year new appliances are coming into all the stores.  Much like the car dealerships, those retailers are looking to get rid of the older models.  These appliances are sold at 15 to 20 percent discounts to make room for the newer models.

3.  Military Discounts.  Lots of retailers offer military discounts.  When you are out shopping for appliances ask the clerks if they offer military discounts.  This simple question can result in a 10 to 15 percent discount on most appliances in the store.

4.  Buy Refurbished Appliances.  This is essentially a product where parts have been replaced to be made as “new” as possible without being fresh off the assembly line.   You may think that refurbished means the same as a used appliance however, no parts are replaced in used items.  You can get as much as a 40 to 50 percent discount on these appliances.

 5. Trade in an old appliance.  There are some state programs out there that allow you a rebate if you trade in your old appliances for energy-efficient new ones.  This can be an especially good deal depending on where you live.  For example, North Carolina offered a rebate to its residents to replace their old appliances with new energy-efficient appliances.  The amounts ranged from  $75 for a dishwasher, $150 for refrigerators to  $300 for water pumps, air conditioners, and gas furnaces.

6.  IRS Residential Energy Property Credit.   You can get up to a $1500 credit if you buy energy-efficient air cooling and heating appliances. 

Purchasing new appliances can be stressful, but by following these tips you may be able to save some money.   Even though the first couple of tips may not pay off until after the fact; they give you something to look forward to.  There are always great ways to find discounts and this list encompasses just a few.  Happy Shopping!!