College Students
Credit: Kaplan International English via Flickr

College is a lot of fun! There are a lot of things apart from the academic side of the house, parties to attend, friends to meet and much more! However, it becomes a challenge when you can have all the fun you can get but don't have the money to do them all. Needless to say, you need a college fund and I am not talking about your tuition fee and other university expenses here. I am talking about the cash you are going to need to make a memorable all round college experience.

Tip # 1: Get a Scholarship

All universities have scholarship programs that cater to fit your skills and talents. If you can play sports, then join the varsity. If you can sing, then join the glee club. If you are good at striking up arguments or conversation, then you can go ahead and join the debate club. You will get a discount from your tuition fee. Your university can even possibly cut off 100% of it and you’ll just be left with miscellaneous fees.

Tip # 2: Use the Internet

Most of your expenses will be because of reading materials that you will need. You don’t actually need to buy them. Almost everything is uploaded in the World Wide Web so don’t forget to do that. There are lots of people who use the internet for these purposes, especially college students. Simply screenshot or download and then print. If you have your own gadget like a tablet, you won’t even need to print the material anymore.  

Tip # 3: Get a Part Time Job

If you live in a dormitory, then you will have a hard time getting a land based job. Your best option at this point is to work online. You probably have a computer and your own internet connection so why not use it to make money. If you have a talent with the techy side of things, then you can become a web designer. If you like reading, then you can become a writer. It’s an easy way to make cash that won’t eat up too much of your time. Look for sites like oDesk to land some part time freelancing jobs from anywhere in the world.

Tip # 4: Plan Ahead

Your expenses should not really surprise you. It is important and very smart to plan ahead. Do a weekly log of your expenses and then do a monthly one as well. The next month, break it down and see which expenses you could slash off. I mean, do you really need to drink that much or print that much paper or ride a cab to school daily? Maybe you could use a bike instead.

Tip # 5: Buy and Sell

A lot of college students are into the e-commerce business. They have eBay accounts that they use to buy and sell products. You won’t even need to leave home. All you need to do is to track your products and see bids and buyers and the cash should coming running in. Effortless way to make cash, indeed!

The whole point of going to college is to be able to learn how to fend for yourself in the future and create a savings for yourself. Little did you know, that at this stage, it could be a training ground for you to be a great money handler in the future! Go ahead and grab that opportunity.  

College On A Budget!!! How to Save Money!!