Saving money on shopping is an especially hot topic over the holiday season when you need to brainstorm and buy numerous gifts to make all your friends and relatives happy.

On the other hand, there are so many holiday deals and coupon codes offered by online retailers that it becomes too challenging to find what you really need.

So what's the way out? How to keep track of all of online holiday deals and coupon codes? Let's have a look at just a few available tools that update you of current offers and help you be the first to spot a hot deal.

Things You Will Need

Email address, RSS reader, FireFox Internet Browser

Step 1

Most coupon directories and online deal aggregators offer an email subscription offers. Don't subscribe to numerous of them. You risk being flooded with emails that will be unbelievably hard to sort out.

I usually hand-pick just a couple of really good resources that won't bug my email box too often: for example, sends email alerts once per week (check out their categories: JCPenney coupons, Kohls coupon codes, etc).

Step 2

If you are interested in some particular product, create a watchlist at a popular site and get updated only if this product price reaches your specified level. PriceGrabber is an example of such a service that allows you to watch your desired item price via the watchlist (for registered users).

The process looks like this: you create a free account, choose the desired product you are interested in purchasing, you set your preferred price, once your specified price (or lower) is mentioned at the service, you get an instant email inviting you to go and buy it!

The advantage of this method is that you have the full control of what to track and which price to set. You do need to worry about anything or remember to look at the site to watch the price fall / rise. All you need is to make sure the PriceGrabber email doesn't get into your mail spam filter.

Step 3

With this method you won't be bugged by any automated emails. All you need is to choose an RSS reader that seems most useful for you.

You check the updates once you need them. The only thing you should remember is to login to the reader and check the blogs - all the rest is up to you.

Step 4

Many coupon code directories offer FireFox extensions and toolbars that will make your online shopping even easier. With these tools you are only limited to the addon provider's database.

Check PriceAdvance, for example, that shows other sellers' prices for the product you are currently viewing. That's a really handy price comparison tool that will help you buy only at the most affordable price available.

I hope these tools will get you properly prepared for the holiday season and you will save enough money to buy something for yourself too.

Tips & Warnings

Don't subscribe to every newsletter or add every blog to your reader (you risk missing the great deal by trying to watch too much). Stay focused and choose only best resources!