Save the Panda bears now!

Panda bears can be such cute adorable creatures and clearly no one wants them dead. If that’s the case, maybe any way that helps them live is not a bad idea at all. If someone told you, keeping your online life safe and clean can help panda bears live longer, why in the world would you say no? Here’s a guide on how to save panda bears while keeping your online life and maintenance safer and clean.

1. Install something that fights away the worms. Panda bears hate worms as much as humans do. Worms stop the Pandas from being cute and cuddly. They make the bears not that much good to look at. They inconvenience the Pandas too. That’s the same thing with computers. If you feel like your computers couldn’t move, then it’s probably time to deworm it. Internet worms are programs that spread across the internet by replicating itself on computers via their network connections, as BBC would put it. To fight it, you need to have the combination of a good anti-virus and an anti-malware software. Malwarebytes might be your solution for the malware. AVG Anti-VIrus is for the virus. Now what would saving your computer from worms do to saving the Panda bears? Read next for the answer. Online safety and maintenance should be solved first before you get to save some holy cuddly Pandas.

2. Install the firewall that stops your computer from connecting to unwanted networks. Ok, now that you have saved your computer from worms, you need to control your computer body from inserting itself into other bodies. Think of the world now as a big complex of connections. If you get the wrong one, you’re in deep trouble. Adding a firewall in your system makes it fairly difficult for attackers to intrude your PC. Find a good firewall advertised in Lifehacker or by the experts of Network 23 I.T Support Solutions and keep them updated every day. This way, you will be safer. And if you live longer and have a safer online life, the more likely it is for you to be happy. If you’re happy, you’d probably donate to charitable institutions like WHO and help, drum rolls here....Panda bears live longer! And that’s how keeping your online safety and maintenance life safer make you save Panda bears today. The end.

Important Notice: No cute panda bear has been hurt by this article. If there is any, please report to your nearest bedroom and just go to sleep. Thank you.