Save SIM Contacts To An IPhone

The IPhone has become the highest selling Smartphone due to its incredible ease of use, revolutionary touch screen display and operating system, its versatile functionality and the multitude of custom built applications available from the ITunes App Store. Apple caters for the saving and restoration of contacts within ITunes, but does not make it obvious how to import contacts from a SIM card from an old phone, such as a Nokia, Blackberry or Windows Mobile, to your shiny new IPhone. This guide will quickly and easily show you how to move all of your existing contacts to your new phone.

Things You Need To Know Before Proceeding

  • If you are moving a SIM card from an old phone (including older versions of the IPhone including the IPhone 3G and 3GS), to an IPhone 4, the IPhone 4 uses a microsim, which is smaller than standard SIM Cards generally found in phones. Converting a standard SIM card to a microsim card is easy, just follow this guide here
  • Your IPhone does not need to be jailbroken for the actions below to work, but your SIM card or your new phone may have to be unlocked from your carrier to access the old SIM card you are placing into the new phone. I have tried it with both a locked old sim to a different carrier and an IPhone 4 locked to a different carrier and this procedure worked fine, but your mileage may vary.
  • Although this procedure is completly safe, it is always advisable when changing any settings on the IPhone to connect it ITunes and allow your computer to make a back up of your IPhone before proceeding.

Copying SIM Contacts To The IPhone

1: From the main screen select Settings

IPhone Home Screen

2: Scroll down to Mail, Contacts and Calendars and select

IPhone Contacts

3: Scroll down to Import SIM Contacts

IPhone Import SIM Contacts

4: Select this option and the IPhone will automatically copy the contacts on the SIM card into the IPhone's internal Contacts database, ready to be used immediatly.

It's as simple as that. You should now have all of your existing contacts that were stored on your old SIM Card now securely stored within the IPhone. The next time you connect the IPhone to Itunes these contacts will be backed up to your PC or MAC and if you ever lose the phone or need to restore from backup, just plug the phone into your machine and restore the information.

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