Space is hard to come by these days, especially in big cities. In this article, I will show you how to save space in your kitchen.


Getting Rid Of Clutter

The first step in saving space in your kitchen, is to get rid of the clutter. Get rid of things that shouldn't be in your kitchen. Try to neaten up the place. If you see that something is in it that could go somewhere else, then move it. Sometimes it helps to throw things away that you don't need any more. If some jars are empty, throw them away. Before you can organize anything you must remove the things that you do not need. This will make organizing so much more easy. It may be hard to throw things away, but it is necissary if you want to clean your kitchen up.


Organizing things

The next step is to organize things. Once you have removed the clutter and things that do not need to be there, you should start organizing things. This involves moving and putting things in places so that they are easier to store and move. A great idea is to put all your forks,knifes,and spoons in one draw. Putting items together with other items of the same category helps.  Another idea, is to buy products that save space. There are many products available that can help you organize things.  Totem is an example of one of them.


Totem is a stackable cup. You can stack the totem cups up to save space. When you wash these cups you can stack them up and they will still dry, because there are 3 bumps around each cup that allows them to still have room to dry even when you stack them up. By buying totems, you couls save a ton of space.


Click n Cook

The Click n Cook is a spatula system, where you can store your spatulas. The device is like a knife holder, you can set it on a table and when you want to use a spatula simply plug your handle into the spatula of your choice, and then you can use a spatula. The Click n Cook, saves a lot of space too. Below is a video depicting the click n cook used in action. As you can see it has a very sleek design and can save you a ton of space.



Click n Cook


Making Food With Little Room

Once you have organized your kitchen and gotten rid of clutter, you might want to learn how to make food with less room. This may seem like a hard thing to do but using some really cool products and using some ingenuity you can make it happen.



Mocubo is a bamboo cutting board with three food prep containers. These containers fit under and around the board so that you can  prepare food with less room. Using 3 containers, you can prepare food without all the clutter of having to put your chopped food in separate dishes. The 3 containers that come with the Mocubo fit neatly underneath the board so that you can save space.  The Board is made of Bamboo and has been treated with mineral oil. Bamboo is a great material for a board because it is more durable than wood. It is less susceptible to knife markings and moisture absorption. The Mocubo is a great board to have in your kitchen, it really saves a ton of space.