If you are a busy mother on a tight budget then you can save time and money by using the internet to shop for kids clothes and toys. It is important however to make sure that you only use verified sites so that your credit card details and confidential information is kept safe. In this article we discuss how to stay safe and sound when shopping on the internet.

My story goes like this. If you are like me, you wish there was excess hours in the day. I have two babies, I study and make sure the house is tidy as well. Food shopping and helping the kids with their homework are just two other responsibilities in the life of a working mother.

A while ago, I happened to remark to my buddy that I was unable to acquire a particular make of clothing that I wanted to obtain for the kids. Mini A Ture was my favourite but I was also interested in a brand called No Added Sugar. She laughed and merely told me to try shopping on the net. I was an expert shopper but had never thought about using the net to shop before. I had fears though about my credit card details being stolen.

My buddy said that the safe sites typically had a symbol or a mark to show that they kept your data confidential. I made a note to look for that but I also had some other criteria that a website must reach before I gave them my credit card details.

I didn't want to purchase from a drop shipping business. Alternatively I wanted to buy direct so they had to have a page on their site called About Us. They likewise had to display a telephone number so I could chat to a customer spokesperson if my order got mixed-up or I was not content with it.

So I found a site that suited my requirements but also provided more. There was a whole page displayed which listed all the terms and conditions relevant to ordering, delivery and refunds. This impressed me as it meant the organization was interested in making sure the customer was not mislead when buying.

They also had vast presence on sites like Twitter and Face book which meant that they were a key player in their market and interested in connecting with their customers.

Due to their professional attitude and commitment to keeping my details safe and sound, I ordered some kids clothes from that website and was impressed with the quality of the products. I save so much time as I no longer have to walk around all the high street stores. I can instead, spend that time with my young enjoying their younger years while I can.

So here is a check-list that you can make use of to stay safe on the net while shopping for baby clothes.

- On the homepage of their website should be a protected website sign or access to their privacy policy.

- There should also be a page called About us. Read it thoroughly.

- A telephone number that is in working order is a definite must.

- A whole page should also be dedicated to their terms and conditions of buying. This should also cover delivery and refunds. Terms and conditions should be thoroughly understood and read, to prevent any misunderstanding later on.

- Last but not least, is to enjoy saving time and money by shopping on the internet.