$500 in 3 Weeks?? You've got to be KIDDING!

The Story of How I Saved $500 for One Direction Concert Tickets


Now, before we get into detail how I got $500 without getting a job, let me just say, none of this is fast money. It requires lots of downtime and willpower and even disappointment, but I can guarantee you that it does pay off.

Before we begin, you may want to know a bit about me. Well, I’m 13. I recently developed an obsession with One Direction (yes, I know you might hate them, but that’s beside the point). It was January and I wanted to go to their concert in July, but they were just so expensive. For seats in the very back, it cost $300. For seats in the very front, it could cost up to $5,000. No, I’m really not kidding.

I reasonably resolved that I would get the best deal by buying a nice ticket in the middle for $505. It was a floor seat. I just didn’t want to sit in the back. I wanted to be able to see their figures clearly without having to look through binoculars for the entire show. But do I want to spend half of my year trying to save up $5,000 just to touch their hands? How about n o. I’d rather stalk them at their hotel for free.

I also figured that if I got a floor seat, I could get out of my seat and go stand closer to the front. If I ended up getting sent back to my seat by security, at least I have a good seat to fall back on. Literally. 

I knew that couldn’t really do that with any of the cheap stools (get it? because its so cheap), because if I was sent back to my 99 cent chair, my plan was foiled and I was stuck with a seat that had its view blocked by an oversized fansign. 

Pop! goes my mo-ney.

So don’t try that unless you enjoy watching your money spiral down the imaginary drain while you listen to One Direction sing Little Things. All you will think about is your little pennies slipping through the little cracks because you were too cheap to buy floor tickets.

Now, I'm the type of gal who knows that their parents simply will not buy $500 tickets. So, I resolved that if I wanted to go, I would need to penny pinch save the money myself.

It was just an hour before I realized: I need to gain this money fast. I didn’t mean fast like within a day, I meant fast as in no more than 15 weeks before the concert. If you’re wondering why I had to be in such a rush, you may want to take a look at this.


As you can so clearly see here, I was lucky enough to have found tickets at this time, being that the tickets went on sale and sold out on Ticketmaster literally almost a year ago. Even though the tickets I found were on a third party site, I was not about to let them go. Sure, I could be scammed, but I made sure I did my extensive research to reassure me that I wasn’t buying fake tickets.

Now, moving on from the backstory that you probably didn’t read.  As I mentioned before, the tickets were $505. And I was willing to pay this. I had become obsessed. Literally all my time would be spent on YouTube watching interviews and other videos that had the words “one direction” in them, I created a Tumblr dedicated to them in which I would reblog pictures of them and drown myself in feels, I would read fan fiction and get addicted, I cried about the fakeness of Haylor, and I was just an instant Directioner.

For those of you that are saying “You can’t become a Directioner overnight”, I did. So suck it.

To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of them before. I just wasn’t. My friends were, but I just really pretended to be, too. I pretended to pre-order their album. I pretended to watch every single video on their VEVO account. I pretended to know everything about them. But they grow on you. And I become the obsessive fan girl I am now.

Moving on. I had about $30 in savings, but that was not even one tenth of what I needed to buy tickets. And being that tickets sell out so fast, I needed to move equally as fast.

I’m 13, and in NY, I am not legally of age to get a physical job until next year. So, if anything, I needed to get a “job” online. I googled “How to make money online”, and came across an article about paid surveys. Sites like these literally pay you for taking surveys, reading emails, completing trial offers, signing up for stuff, and completing tasks. I then googled “Best Paid Survey Site”, and Inbox Dollars came up. Now, to be honest, I had tried to use Inbox Dollars before, but I was so impatient that I didn’t bother continuing. One look at the site and I can guarantee you, you’re going to give up. You are going to look at the payout amount for each survey, look at the fact that you need at least $30 to receive a check with your earnings, and your mouse is going to naturally gravitate to that small gray x at the top of your tab. And you’re going to click it. And that will be it.

But I’m here to tell you, don’t. I really wanted to go to that concert, and every day I would come home and do these surveys like hell. Sometimes I would even put off my homework until the wee hours of the morning just so I could do all of these surveys. Don’t do this.

After 5 days of insane willpower, I reached not $30, but $50 payout. I was able to receive a $50 check in the mail, in which I added to my savings. Now I had $70.

My dad gave me $100 to add to my savings, after I told him that I really wanted to go to the concert. I would really recommend telling your parents your plans, because they are most likely to give you an incentive. So now I had saved $170 within one week.

But it didn’t stop there. I rummaged every nook and cranny in my house and ended up gaining $30 in coins. Now I had $200.

I was $300 away from my goal, and very highly motivated. I had been skipping afterschool snacks just to add those extra dollars to my savings. The next week, In addition to Inbox Dollars, I started entering countless sweepstakes for $50, $100, $20, etc. I figured that the lower the sweepstake payout, the more chance I had of winning. Most people overlook this fact and invest all of their money on the big payout. A real life example is this. Sweepland gives you a chart telling you the overall amount of entries each sweepstake has. The ones in green are the ones you should always enter. The ones in red are the ones you should stay away from.

Btw (by the way for all you old folks out there), that says "too many days" (until sweepstakes drawing). 

I ended up winning a $100 sweepstake on Sweepland, making me $200 away from $500.

Next, my mother told me that if I would keep the water and light bill lower than last month’s, she would pay me the difference. Needless to say, I kept that bill damn down, and got $75 dollars. I had $375. I was $125 away from seeing One Direction with my eyes.

I decided that I was satisfied with my total and was able to let my $20 weekly allowance do the rest. In 5 weeks, I had reached $500. My mom gave me $5 to top it off, in which I added to my bank account and was able to buy my ticket.

So as you can see here, I did a splendid job of getting $500 in 3 weeks, without doing any of those typical teen jobs such as car washes and such. I literally don't have the time to do any of that. I hope I gave you some tips along the way even though most of this article was rubbing my success in your face.

Thanks for  giving me your money reading, guys! I hope you enjoyed my article. See you soon!! xx