Cell phone accidents involving water tend to be fairly common anymore. But what makes it even worse is the fact that a lot of these cell phones like the Droid or other smartphones are pretty expensive to replace. One source reports that at least 20% of all cell phone claims are due to water damage.

Luckily there are a few things that you can do to possibly help save your wet cell phone and keep you from having to purchase an expensive replacement cell phone. The important thing that you need to do is to act fast because the longer that you wait the more likely it is that your cell phone will be ruined.

Step 1
Remove the battery and SIM card if your phone has one. Make sure to not turn the phone on, as this can cause even more damage to your cell phone.

Step 2
Wipe the SIM card off with a dry cloth or towel.

Step 3
Use a shop vac to help suck the water out of your cell phone. Just make sure to set the vac on a low setting to help avoid damaging the cell phone.

Step 4
Use tissue paper or paper towels to absorb any left over water on the cell phone.

Step 5
Place the cell phone in a bowl of uncooked dry rice and leave it to sit overnight. The rice will help by absorbing any left over moisture in the phone.

Step 6

Wait at least 2 days before turning on and testing your cell phone. This will ensure that your phone is completely dry inside, turning the phone on too early could cause it to short circuit.

*If your cell phone was dropped in salt water the first thing that you should do is to remove all parts that can be removed such as the battery, and SIM card. Next you need to rinse the cell phone in distilled water, tap water can be used if that's all you have but distilled would be best. But whatever you do rinse the phone out right away as the salt water will rust and corrode the insides.

* Don't use a blow dryer to dry out your cell phone as the heat could damage the internal circuits.

* Never turn on a wet cell phone to test it, this is one sure way to short circuit your cell phone.

* If for some reason you don't have access to rice, leaving your phone to dry out in a warm sunny spot for a couple of days will also work.