Many renters have enough problems finding an apartment in their own city. But what if you need to find an apartment in another city and you don’t have time to view the apartment. Whatever you do, don’t panic. We have listed some tips that will help you do all of your apartment hunting with just your phone and a computer.

 Start With A List

Whether you searching for an apartment in your home town or one that is in another state, you still should start with a list.  Its really just matching up the apartment features you would like with the price range you can afford. So you will want to write down everything downt that is important to you. Do you require certain features and amenities, square footage, a safe neighborhood, or a location near  your work or place of business? 

 After you have ranked all of your priorities in order and the neighborhoods your interested in, it will make your next step in your search much easier. This will included looking on your favorite apartment rental website for actual apartment listings.

 Take Advantage Of Online Material

 When you search online you will find a plentiful amount of information. This will included floor-plans, photo galleries, amenities, features, and a plethora of other information.

 If there are certain sections of the property that are not photographed and placed online, don’t be afraid to ask the leasing agent to provide those details for you. You can even take another step and write down a list of questions that you cannot find online.

 The Right Questions Are Key

 Since you won’t be able to view the apartment in person, hear the traffic noise, or view the neighborhoods surrounding the community, you will need to do a little investigation.

 When you contact a leasing agent you will want to know the cost of the unit.  Other additional questions would include the age of the community, number of units,  type of flooring, and whether the units have washer and dryers.

And remember that you can apply at two different apartment communities. That way you can choose the apartment that you like the best.