In Texas there are many sex offenders. You can find information on all of these sex offenders for free by going to the Texas Department of Public Safety website.

The State Of Texas Sex Offender Registry allows you to search for Texas Sex Offenders in many different ways. You can search for sex offenders in Texas by

  • name
  • address
  • zip code
  • county
  • school
  • national

When doing a sex offender search by name you must enter in a persons first and last name. If the sex offender is listed under that name it will give you information about that sex offender. If you only know the sex offenders first or last name then you will have to do a different search for the sex offender such as Lone Girlsearching by the county or address if you know the sex offenders address.

You can also search Texas sex offenders by address. You enter in an address such as your home and then select one of the options such as "Display All Within 3 Miles". This allows you to find all sex offenders in Texas that live within 3 miles of your home. If you are looking to purchase a home in Texas you can use this sex offender search option to find out if the home you want to purchase is located in an are with a high population of sex offenders. The results for each sex offender also tells what the crime was, when it happened, and the age and sex of the victim. Even if you only have one sex offender in your area he may be classified as a violent sex offender and that one individual may or may not be more danger than a large group of non violent sex offenders.

The Texas Sex Offender search by zip code allows you to find all Texas sex offenders that live within the zip code you specify.

The Texas Sex Offender search by county allows you to find all Texas sex offenders that live within the county you specify. The county sex offender search option is great if you are looking for any Texas sex offenders that live in rural areas with no neighbors near by.

The Texas Sex Offender search by school option is often overlooked. Many people will research out sex offenders in the neighborhood they are moving into but do think to look at sex offenders living near the school where there children will be attending. The school option allows you to select a school and show all sex offenders living near by. It is not just schools for young children but you can also check out sex offenders living near the various colleges in Texas.

The National search feature links you to the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public website where you can search for sex offenders nationwide that are registered with the national database of sex offenders. The Dru Sjodin sex offenders database can give you information on sex offenders all over the United States.

Texas is a great state to live in. Texas offers a wide range of search options to find sex offenders in the area where you are living or thinking about moving too. You can browse Texas Sex Offenders by going to the official Texas Sex Offenders Database. Image Credit: (Flickr/shaggyshoo)