Finding the right work uniforms to supply an entire practice can be challenging, as every practice often employs a number of different professionals ranging from general practitioner or specialist medical doctors to nurses and medical assistants. In addition to making sure each uniform meets the respective work needs of the people wearing them, the uniforms as a whole should be cohesive and contribute positively to the feel of the workplace. This often means locating just one supplier that can offer uniform pants and shirts for a number of different needs.

Respecting and Contributing to the Atmosphere

To facilitate a positive clinical environment for patients and professionals alike, it is important that the uniforms look professional and similar to each other. Instead of choosing healthcare apparel in different styles from different manufacturers, try to locate a single company that can offer all the outfits that your practice will need. Search for neutral colors that connote professionalism, or light color tones that are comforting and professional all at once. Conservative patterns are often a popular choice among nurses and medical assistants, who are often the patient’s first point of contact once they enter the examining room. Any company that you consider as a supplier should also have basic whites available, which are often necessary for lab technicians and other specialists that may work out of your practice.  

Factoring Quality into Cost

You might find that uniforms of higher quality are also more costly initially. The average healthcare uniform sees so much heavy use on a daily basis that it makes sense to spend more money on apparel that will last longer. Inexpensive uniforms are cheap to replace when they no longer serve their purpose, but ultimately, high quality uniform shirts and pants are more cost-effective. To identify quality, look for cargo design in pants that will offer a loose fit and enable movement without the hazard of snagging or catching on objects. Additionally, look for materials that are a blend of cotton and polyester, preferably more cotton. If a primarily cotton blend is unavailable, look for apparel that consists of equal amounts cotton and polyester. This offers strength without sacrificing ease of cleaning or comfort.

One Source for All Healthcare Areas

What you need in regards to apparel for your clinic will vary depending on the type of practice that you run. Primary practitioners or specialists will need a professional, simple jacket, and may opt to wear either scrubs or their own personal professional apparel, depending on the environment. Medical assistants may dress similarly to primary practitioners, or they may wear a traditional nursing uniform, with cargo pants and a tunic-style shirt. Technicians often wear apparel that is stylistically similar to scrubs, but in a pristine white, often with a matching white jacket. If you find the right company to supply your clinic with all of these different components, you should be able to save significant time and money that would otherwise be spent seeking out all of these components from different areas.