Sell Your Used Car...Don't Trade It In

Selling a used car can be easy and profitable or end up being a complete nightmare.  Many people don’t want to bother with selling their used car because they think it is a hassle and end up losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars by trading their used car in for a new car. It is financially better to sell your used car yourself rather than turning it in to the auto dealership.

So you want to know how to sell a used car? The first thing to do if you want to sell a used car is to do a little research. Check out Kelly Blue Book at to see what your car is worth and how much cars similar to yours are being sold for. By simply answering questions as to the condition of your car, its features and options along with the mileage, you can get a good ballpark figure of what you car is selling for either to the public or what an auto dealer is willing to pay for it.

Plan Ahead To Get The Best Price

What you should do to sell your used car.

You should a plan your sale by preparing your used car prior to putting it up for sale. Make a list of what is wrong with your car mechanically and also regarding the body of the car. How To Buy A Used CarCredit: you’re thinking all about your car, also include what you like best about it and what selling features it has plus what repairs and upkeep that has been done to it within the past few months. In many cases it would be worth spending money on your used car for minor repairs based on what is needed to be done.

Make sure the oil has been changed within the last 5,000 miles so that it does not look black and is full.  That is one of the first things many people look at once the car hood is opened. While you are checking out your oil, look at the appearance of your engine. Add any window washer fluid if it is need along with power steering and brake fluids. If your engine appears really dirty it would be a good idea to spend a little time to clean it.

First appearance means a great deal so make sure your used car that you are trying to sell is very clean on both the outside and the inside. The windows should be very clean because if the person looking at your car is interested, he or she will certainly take it for a test drive. Spray some window cleaner on your windows and wipe clean with some crumpled up newspaper and they will be cleaned without any streaking. Use some carpet fresh or sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet and vacuum it after it sets in for a little time. Make sure the inside of the car is also clean and not cluttered with any personal items. Additionally it is a good idea to put in an air freshener so your car smells fresh.

Find A Buyer and Close The Deal

Write the Used Car Ad and Bring the Cash to Your Pocket

Now that the appearance of your used car is ready, determine the asking price based on your online research and write an ad to sell your car. What separates your car from others in the same price range should be highlighted in the ad. In the ad you want to list some of the best features of the car, mileage, asking price, car color and a contact number. Some ads are limited on the number of words and if that is the case you will want to power pack your ad with words that sell.Selling A Used CarCredit:

A good place to start your advertising is Craigslist which is free and an effective selling periodical. Used car listings on Craigslist should be repeated every four or five days. It would also be a good idea to include a few pictures. Besides Craigslist you may also want to advertise in local newspapers, auto directories, Kelly Blue Book or sell it on EBay. It is also a good idea to post a sign in the back window of your car with some of the basic information such as year of car, mileage, asking price and phone number. If you can park your car in a highly visible place that gets a lot of passing traffic is very helpful.

When you have someone that is interested in your car honesty is the best policy in dealing. Tell the potential buyer everything you know about the car whether good or bad and you will feel better about selling your car on an honest basis. Of course it doesn’t hurt to use any effective sales techniques such as bringing to the buyers attention all of the reasons why you like your car. If you have an interested person be sure to suggest a short test drive and because of insurance concerns, let them know that you would like to ride with them.

With a little conversation during the test drive, you can find out what they don’t like and do like about your car. You can offer a little lower price to offset what they don’t like or to help with what needs to be fixed on your car. Let your prospect know that if everything sounds good you will have a clear title ready when they pick up the car. A little secret I use to sweeten the deal is to add a full tank of gas to close the deal.

After that all that is needed is to work out the details with your buyer, obtain a deposit, determine how the balance will be paid and remove your plates that are on the car. Normally you have to provide the buyer a notarized copy of the title with your signature so they can get a new title.

Follow these steps the next time you want to sell your used car. You will feel a sense of accomplishment with a job well done when you sell your used car yourself.  Additionally the extra money of the true value of the car will be in your pocket instead of the car dealers.