You have had it up to here, with that overloaded closet. You have way too many clothes, and you know you only wear about a quarter of them right? So, why not do some de-cluttering and sell your clothes online?

Sell clothes Online

This is a great choice, as you get a much bigger audience then you would from a local garage sale. Plus in a garage sale, everything tends to sell for a dollar or so, more of a way to make a few dollars off of junk.

Whereas you could have some really good quality clothes that you have hardly worn, or were given to you as gifts and are still in the package. These types of clothes can fetch much better money online.

So, if you would really love to go on another clothes shopping trip, then you had better sort out the clothes you have now, or there will be no room for the new ones!

Start Sorting Clothes To Sell Online

Take a Saturday or a full day when you are not stressed and lay everything from your closet out on your bed. Totally empty your closet, even the shoes and junk on the floor.

Clean the Closet

Now clean and vacuum the closet while you have everything out of it. Take stock of the shelves, do they need repair? Could you use one of those closet organizers? Or just some clear containers to help sort out accessories.

You may actually find accessories and other clothes you forgot you even had! This can be the fun part, but you have to allow a day when you are not too stressed and can spend some time on this part.

Make three Piles for your Clothes

One pile will be the keepers. These are the clothes you wear right now and love.

The next pile will be for donations. Jeans that maybe don't fit as well, maybe you lost weight, but they are gently used and someone else could get use out of them. You will know which ones these are.

Pile number three is for the clothes you don't wear, are in good shape, and good quality, these are the clothes you will sell online.

To Sell Clothes Online

You are now going to deal with the first two piles. Put back the clothes you wear, and take the donations to the donation box or center now, don't put it back in your closet!

Take the clothes to sell online, and give them a good clean if they have been worn before, and really give them a good look over. Do they have any buttons missing, or threads hanging. Give them a good ironing if they were crushed in your closet.

To Sell clothes Online, Go for a 3D Model

Either you model the clothes or get a friend. You don't have to take a picture of their face, just them wearing the blouse or pants etc. To sell clothes online, you are more likely to get results if they are shown in 3D. People like to see them on someone and how they would look If you have a lot of clothes, you could invest in or borrow a manikin

Take Lots Of Pictures When Selling Clothes Online

You need to make sure and take pictures from all views, such as front, side, back, distance and up close. This will really give the prospective buyer a good idea of how it looks, and will look on them. So, use a decent digital camera and take the pictures without any competition in the background, such as in front of a plain wall.

List all Particulars

Make sure in your listing you list the brand, the sizes the color. Everything you see on the label, that will help a prospective buyer with their decision. You don't want them trying to return it because you failed to mention something.

To Sell Clothes Online be Honest

If it has been worn a few times, tell them, and adjust the price accordingly. You are looking to unload your closet and make a few dollars, not profit on worn out and stained clothes.

You can say it was "gently used" or "new in package" be honest.

Sign Up for Paypal to Sell Clothes Online

Paypal is the way to go for buying and selling online. Your chances of selling your clothes online is much higher. This is a free account, and gives you credibility and you don't have to wait for someone's check in the mail. Make sure and specify the shipping costs upfront, or include them in the price, and state they are included.

Where to Sell Clothes Online

Ebay is about the best right now, check out others selling clothes online, and get a feel for prices, then list yours and make some money to do some more shopping!