If you love to make and sell crafts, and want to sell crafts online, but are concerned that you won't make the money because of the size of your product or the expense of shipping due to its weight, there are a few options.

Sell Instructions

This is a great way to sell! Before you hit the back button, wondering what I am talking about, then why not venture into a different market. Rather than take a picture of your product and then stick it on Ebay and hope someone buys it, why not aim for the market of people who love to create just like you?


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If you have a unique product or idea, you could go down the route of getting it published in a craft magazine with all the instructions, but they don't always pay that much and then you have lost the rights to that pattern or idea as they have now bought it. (read the fine print in the back of the craft magazine that is asking for craft submission ideas).

But a better idea, is to take the time to set this up right. This means with a good camera, and your products and a step by step instructions on just how you made that great tea cozy or t-shirt, or blanket or whatever it is you do. You could even do a step by step painting if it is not too complicated.

 Get Set Up

This part will take the longest. So, you need to pretend that you are the other person, and are wanting to learn how to make that great product you have pictured in your ad. (you of course have a picture of the finished product, and make sure it is a really good quality picture) So, make sure to have complete detailed step by step process with great pictures every step of the way.

Make sure to have a good supply list. Everything they will need to complete this project.

Once you have completed this instruction manual with great pictures, then make sure and save the file, and then you can either print it or copy to a CD.

When you go to sell your products, and you want to sell your instructions for your craft, you can offer it to them either as a CD or printed copy. Make sure to charge more for the printed copy for postage (still cheaper than sending the craft itself) and then as they say in the internet world "Wash, rinse repeat" You can sell this over and over. CD's are quite cheap to buy now. You put a price on your project, and make sure to write a good ad to attract buyers.


Sometimes it is worth the investment to get some help with this part of the project, everything from writing a good Ebay ad for example to actually coming up with the instructions on the computer can be outsourced. But you can now sell this over and over to crafters. You can start with Ebay, but don't forget other free sites such as Free Classifieds from USfreeads!

So, this is another way to sell on the internet. Sell the idea and the pattern instead of the craft, and save your crafts for your craft shows. Also which are the best selling crafts