Sell Your Gift Card

Many of us have gotten gift cards that we may not have much use for, the good news is you can sell your gift card and get money for it instead of tossing it in the garbage or using it for something that you don't really want. There are market places that bring together people looking to sell cards and buyers looking for gift cards on sale.

There are many websites that will buy your unwanted gift cards for a large percentage of their value, in fact there are some of these websites that will pay you over 90% of the value of the card. However, each site's payments and terms can differ greatly. Some pay more than others and some have minimum amounts of credit that the card needs to have left on it.


gift cards on sale

You will need to look around and compare the terms from several of these sites if you want to get the best deal. It pays to do this because there are new sites opening all the time(this has become a big industry) and sometimes the sites make changes to their terms depending on current market conditions(as companies across all industries do from time to time). When you are ready to sell your gift card go to a search engine and type in "sell a gift card" and visit several of the sites looking through their terms to see who will give you the best offer.

If you are looking for other avenues besides selling your card online then you can place an ad on one of the "list" sites. These sites are a market place for everything from used cars, to apartments for rent, to lawn mowers. There are also many people who visit these sites looking for gift cards on sale. All you need to do is place an ad telling the potential buyer how much credit is on the card, and how much you are selling the card for. You will designate a meeting place and meet the buyer in person to do the deal. It is always best to meet the person who has agreed to buy your card in a public place where there are lots of people, such as a coffee shop or a mall, as it is always better to play it safe.

Another way you can find people looking for gift cards on sale is to visit an auction site and list it there. When you visit these sites you will have a lot of people to put your card in front of, however there is also competition from other sellers on these sites. There are many ways you can list the card varying from how you set up the auction(bidding vs. a fixed price) and you can decide how many days you want to run the auction for. When you decide to sell on an auction site there are a few things to remember however. The site will take a small percentage of your sale in fees as their profit, and it is always easier if you already have an account on an auction site with good reviews so people will trust that they are buying from a legitimate person, it is not a requirement to sell your card this way though. As in the case of the gift card websites you will need to ship the card to the buyer, although the buyer of the card will pay these fees, not you.

A great way to sell your gift card is one that is overlooked by many people. Use social networking as a tool to sell your gift card. Put up a post on your social networking sites telling all your friends that you have a gift card for sale and list all the pertinent details. This is a good method for several reasons. First, you already know the buyer so you don't have to worry about dealing with a stranger for the transaction, and second you do not have to ship the card anywhere, the deal can be done in a few minutes once you and the buyer meet up.


gift cards on sale

If you have several gifts cards you may want to consider selling them in bulk. It makes it easier selling them all at one time instead of having to sell each one of them individually. There are sites that will buy your gift cards in bulk and sometimes will pay you higher percentages of the value of the card as opposed to you selling them individually. Just like with the other online methods of selling these cards it pays to shop around and compare the terms of several of these sites before deciding who to sell to.

Whichever avenue you decide to use to sell your gift card make sure to shop around. Look at the online sites that buy your cards, look at the ones that will buy them in bulk, and see if any of your friends are looking for gift cards on sale through the social networks that you belong to. You can make a large percentage of the value of the card if you put in a little work and explore all the options that are available to you. Gift Card with Greeting Card