How to sell my timeshare...this is a thought many timeshare owners have had at some point and increasingly so now with the global credit crunch and tough financial times. For this reason, let's be honest it will be difficult to sell your timeshare as less people are looking to add an expense that might not be necessary right now. There are multiple reasons you may want to sell your timeshare, perhaps you don't have the time to enjoy the property anymore because of a new job or perhaps you are hurting financially and need the money. Whatever the case you are wondering how to sell a timeshare, a question we are going to try to answer as best we can.

How to sell a timeshare

You have two options here, selling your timeshare online or offline. You can of course try to sell online and offline at the same time to increase your chances of a quick sell. Online first, well there is eBay of course. EBay is a huge online market place pulling enormous amount of traffic. However while many eyes should see your listing, competition on eBay is rude as there are a lot of people trying to sell their timeshares their, which drive the prices down. You can try to sell your timeshare there, it will only cost you a few bucks so why not try. Make sure to put a reserve price or use the buy now option only, you don't want to take any chances by chosing the typical auction format.

Aside from eBay there are online listing companies that are in the business of listing timeshares for sell for their client. If you decide to go that route make sure to chose a reputable company with a big reach. There are also sites that provide free timeshare listings, a bit of a waste time in our opinion, but check them out and form your own opinion.

Selling timeshare the traditional way involves selling it through a real estate agent. Real estate agents bring with them their expertise and list of potential interested buyers. Additionaly they can use their network to try to find a buyer for your timeshare. Putting an ad in the local newspaper where your property is located around the time the week of your timeshare is another good strategy that could bring you a few interested buyers. Of course the more avenues you explore the better the chance of selling you have. We hope that this little review on how to sell my timeshare helped you have a better idea of the steps to take to sell your slot.