Ebay Selling Guide

ebay selling guide



Time it Right

List your items on a thursday evening for a ten day auction to give them maximum exposure to prospective buyers. This means the auction will stretch through two weekends and come to an end on a sunday evening. This is the most popular time for canny ebay sellers to end their auctions because it is a time when lots of people are online.The price your item fetches is a function of the amount of people interested in it and the amount they are willing to pay. On Sunday evenings more people are online to engage in bidding wars!

List plenty of items at once to save time and help minimise trips to the post office to despatch sales.

Describe it Well

Provide a fully comprehensive description of your item. Make sure you know exactly what you are selling and avoid vagueness. List exact sizes, measurements, and other details.

‘Sell’ your item, don’t just describe it simply. Mention what you love about it, and whats not so good Be honest and keep your integrity but paint a positive picture of your item.

Have a Great Title

Include specific keywords in your title that you think relate to your item and that people are likely to search for.


Provide a realistic time frame for postage. If you can’t make it the post office straight away, state that on the postage details. This helps prevent buyers from becoming impatient waiting for their items to arrive.


Take time to provide clear photographs of your item. If it is clothing, or other such item, show it in use. Listings without pictures often fail to attract significant attention. You can add one picture for free with each listing.

Set The Price Right

Choose a lower starting price for your items. Ebay charges lower fees if your starting price is 99p orless and you will also attract lots of watchers to your items keen to get a bargain. These watchers will eventually bid and drive up the price of your item.  If you’re worried about not getting a good price, set a reserve. This ensures your item can’t be sold for les than a specified amount, but ebay does charge extra for this service.

Value Your Customers

The more positive feedback you accumulate, the more ebayers will trust you and provide business. So answer any questions you receive promptly and amiably.

Research The Market

Search ebay for items similar to yours before you list them. This gives you an idea of what price is reasonable to expect.


These techniques have worked well to help me be succesful on ebay. It is worth applying some of these ideas to your listings because they have the potential to yield higher profits.