Most occasions in India are marked by an elaborate ceremony characterized by the exchange of gifts. The arrival of a newborn baby is a special occasion. Festivities to mark this occasion start when the mother is about seven months pregnant. Festivities usually start with a baby shower ceremony referred to as godh bharna. During godh bharna gifts are placed in the mother's lap as relatives whisper blessings in her ear. This ceremony is followed by other ceremonies during which both the baby and mother receive gifts. You can send baby gifts to India through online gift companies or with couriers.

Things You Will Need

Internet Connection
Baby Gifts
Sending Fees
Gift Destination Address

Step 1

Research well. Various objects in Indian culture have different meanings. This means that you need to be careful about the type of gift you choose. Know what the gift you have selected symbolizes before you buy it. For instance, silver bangles for a baby girl indicate that you wish prosperity for both the mother and child. The nada chhadi is a yellow cord tied around the mother-to-be's waist. It symbolizes protection for both the baby and mother. A monetary gift indicates good fortune for the baby. A coconut painted with a red swastika is a great choice as it symbolizes good fortune and prosperity. For most babies, baby care products and toys will do.

Step 2

You can purchase a gift from an online gift company, for instance, GiftstoIndia24x7. Prices can be as low as $1.50. Most websites price their products in dollars. To ensure that you are not scammed, it is important to use a secure website. Ensure that the website has a secure padlock symbol at the bottom right before you enter your credit card details. Buy from reputable companies and check out reviews about the company first before you utilize their services. Be sure the company offers a money back guarantee.

Step 3

Send the gift. Traditional gifts such as nada chhadi need to be delivered in person. Other gifts such as toys and clothes can be sent through courier. Choose a reputable company that provides efficient and fast delivery, especially in cases where you are sending perishable gifts such as cakes. FedEx is a good courier company. Array

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