Many people do not know that you can send email from a computer to a cell phone. It is really quite simple. Here are instructions how to send an email to the ten largest mobile carriers in the USA.

It's easy to email a mobile phone

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Why email to mobile?

Cell phone text messaging is called SMS text messaging. SMS stands for Short Message Service. Knowing the procedure for sending an email from a computer to a cell phone is helpful when you want to contact friends that are in transit or away from a computer. You can look up prices for someone who is shopping or send map directions more easily via a computer keyboard than typing them out via text message. It is also helpful for parents that need to contact teens without calling them directly. Almost all colleges and universities in the United States use this method today to send mass messages in case of weather or safety emergencies, because many students are on the go, and they usually respond faster to a text message that they would to an email sent to their computer.

Sending an email to a cell phone

To send an email from a computer to a cell phone, you basically just need the cell phone number and also need to know the mobile carrier. Each carrier has a different .com address. You just type the 10 digit mobile phone number, the @ symbol, and then the carrier's .com address as shown below and send as a normal email.

From largest carrier in the USA to smallest:

1. Verizon -
2. ATT -
3. Sprint Nextel -
4. T-Mobile -
5. Tracfone Wireless -
6. Metro PCS -
7. US Cellular -
8. Cricket -
9. Qwest Wireless -
10. Alltel -

Find your carrier if they are not on this list

Obviously this is not an all-inclusive list of mobile carriers. To find the address for other providers not on this list, try the reverse operation. Send a text message from your cell phone to your email address by simply typing in the email address instead of a cell phone number. When you get the email, check the From field to see the return address. That is the address you can use to send email to your phone.

Be aware that you should keep emails to cell phones relatively short, or the message may be cut off or the whole email may bounce back to you, depending on the individual mobile carrier's policies.