Many after dinner cocktails are concocted to aid digestion as well as add a final "sweet" touch to an evening meal. Anise, a well known natural herb has been added to products including cough syrups, and teas. Added to alcohol with sugar, it becomes a delicious after dinner drink. Sambuca is steeped in Italian tradition and can be found served on ice, or mixed with cola or water. But the most enjoyable serving of Sambuca comes the old fashioned way, warm with three coffee beans afloat in the glass. According to Italians, each bean has a meaning: health, happiness, and prosperity. While setting the liqueur ablaze imparts some of the coffee flavor to the drink, and softens the taste, you'll rarely find it served that way at restaurants today because of fire hazards. But in the privacy of your own home you can enjoy Sambuca as it was originally intended by the Italians. Here are the instructions. Please use extreme caution.

Things You Will Need

* Sambuca Liqueur
* 3 fresh coffee beans
* candle lighter or long match
* snifter glass

Step 1

Pour two ounces of Sambuca in a short snifter glass.

Step 2

Drop in three fresh coffee beans. If you don't use beans at home, buy a handful from a grocery store that allows you to buy beans by the pound. Store them in an airtight container beside your Sambuca bottle.

Step 3

Use a long fireplace match or a candle lighter like the one pictured, to set the Sambuca aflame. A candle lighter will allow you to set the flame without having your hand too close to the liqueur.

Step 4

Blow into the snifter to extinguish the flame after about 3 or 4 seconds. Be cautious. The glass will become hot quickly. Do not handle it until it is cool to the touch. Do not attempt to drink it hot or sniff the hot fumes.

Step 5

While the Sambuca cools, grasp the base or stem of the glass and use it to roll the liquid inside to distribute the warmth evenly and blend the coffee flavor.

Step 6

Let the Sambuca glass sit until it is comfortable to touch. The delicious warmth of the liquer is the perfect finish to any meal. When the glass is empty, chew the coffee beans.

Tips & Warnings

* USE EXTREME CAUTION. If you have spilled any Sambuca on your hands wash them thoroughly before you set a flame in the glass. This liqueur will ignite easily.