Successful people all over the world set goals and translate those goals into daily plans of action that they follow every day. Once you develop the habit of setting goals and making plans for their accomplishment, it will become as natural for you as breathing. By following a proven goal setting process, you will increase the likelihood of achieving your goals by as much as ten times or more.

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The Seven-Step Formula for Goal Setting

Believe me there are so many resources on the subject of goal setting that can confuse you if care is not taken. To make your job easier, below are seven simple but powerful and effective steps you can follow when setting goals:

Step One: What exactly do you want to achieve in a particular area of your life? Decide what it is and write it down in detail. You must be crystal clear and specific about it. Attach some sense of measurement to it.

Step Two: Set a deadline for the achievement of the your goal. If goals are not time bound then focus becomes a problem. Break bigger goals into smaller parts and assign a deadline to each goal no matter how small it is.

Step Three: Action is what delivers result. What must you do to turn your goal into reality? Make a list of everything that you will have to do to achieve this goal.

As you think of new ideas, add them to your list until it is complete.

Step Four: Organize your list of action steps into a well-detailed plan. A plan is a step by step execution process that points you to your next activity in the line of action but to make it effective, your plan must be organized on the basis of two elements, priority and sequence.

In organizing by priorities, you determine and do the most important things that can possibly move you closer to your goal. Have you heard of the 80/20 Pareto principle? It states that, 20% of the things that you do will account for 80% of your results. Establishing clear priorities guarantees that your focus will be on the 20% activities that will help you achieve your goal faster.

In organizing by sequence, you determine what activities have to be done before something else can be achieved. There are always activities that are dependent upon the successful completion of other tasks. What are they, and how will you arrange them in order of sequence?

Step Five: Think into the future by identifying obstacles or limitations that might hold you back from achieving your goal. A very good question to ask yourself is, "Why have I not achieved this goal before?"

Identify the most important odds or limitation that is holding you back and then focus on removing that obstacle. It could be lack of enough capital, or relevant information you require. It could be an additional skill or habit that you need to acquire or develop. It could be that you need the help of a dedicated mastermind or a personal assistant. Whatever it is, identify it clearly and go to work to eliminate it.

Step Six: Once your goal is clear, your plans well laid out and your limitations taking care of, go straight to work on your goal. Launch yourself into the deep with courage and faith. Do the first thing on your plan and never look back. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Step Seven: Get down to work and do something every day that moves you closer to your goal. Nothing works unless you make it happen. The problem with most of us is that we don't take actions that match up with our goals. Everyday endeavor to do something significant that moves you at least one step closer to your most important goal. If it demands that you get up early or spare two hours before sleep, please do it. What is most important to you is that you achieve your goal. Period.

Getting your hands dirty, doing something every blessed day rein enforces your belief system that the goal is within reach and achievable. Taking daily action draws you closer to your goal. Make it a rule not to go to bed at night until you've done something important on your goal. The success you desire is hidden in your daily routine.

Now, get down to work, follow the above steps to set your goals. To your success

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