Millions of people all over the world who believe that they have many fats in their body are trying all they can just to lose weight. They end up trying different methods ranging from unhealthy diets, over exercising, calorie restriction to even drastic surgeries. What they do not know is that the true, healthy and proven ways of losing weight is by exercising, doctor prescribed medication and healthy eating. Having said this, you may have the notion that it might be easy, which is not.  Though the reasons to lose weight might differ, the common factor is that you should set weight loss goals. 

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Factors to consider when setting weight loss goals:

Getting the correct balance
This includes ensuring that all you cover all the aspects in your life. These aspects may differ depending on the individual but the common ones include:

-Mental health
-Physical health

The most important of these aspects which you will put much emphasize on will be your physical health, since losing weight is directly related to your physic.

Determine what you want

Now you get to determine what your goals are. This is the main reason why you are undertaking this step to lose weight. What motivates you or is your sole purpose of losing weight, is it health oriented? On the other hand, is it for your self-esteem? Alternatively, are trying to make you look good? Choose the most important reason then weigh how much effort and time you are ready to sacrifice for this.

Put your goals in writing
Write them down. This is important because it:

-Makes them very accessible
-Forces you to have them in mind always
-Crystallizes them
-Builds a road map for you to follow
-Forces you rethink about your priorities
-Forces you to commit

You may consider grouping them into short term and long-term goals. Your short-term goals may be losing one to two lbs in a week and the long term may be 25 lbs at the end of your program.

SMART principles
The principles help you in setting weight loss goals, and prevent you from straying from them.

Specific- vague goals give you a lot of leeway and can lead to watering down of your motivation. Be precise in what you want do attain by declaring it clearly.

Measurable- you goals should be such that they give you an opportunity to gauge your progress, both short term and long term.

Attainable- if you cannot perform a simple exercise like walking do you expect to start running?

Realistic-Most people always end up setting goals that are far beyond reach and end up losing motivation upon realizing that they are not achievable. To set realistic goals you may consider following this guidelines. They are the five P's.

Plan- goals well planned are achievable. Setting goals without properly planning for them is disastrous. Is can be compared to going on a trip to a new place without a map.
Precise- make you weight loss goals specific. The more specific they are the more likely you are to follow them.
Prioritize- make sure that your goals have priorities. Focus on what you want done first. This might include the type of activities you want to be able to do before progressing to much difficult ones.
Positive- phrase your goals in a positive manner. Instead of using terms like 'I will not eat', use 'I will replace them with'.
Be performance based- focus your goals on performance rather than outcome to avoid losing motivation.

Time sensitive- you need to time all your short-term goals to be sure of achieving the long-term ones. Set deadlines as they instill in you a sense of urgency and make your goals priority.
Know the available options
This step involves finding out the available steps that you can choose from to help you achieve your goal:

Exercise- your weight loss plan should include a fitness routine. Your routine should incorporate weight training and cardio exercise that will strengthen both your heart and muscles. Strong muscles boost your body energy, endurance and metabolism. Do not aim at doing much difficult exercise quickly. Perform them gradually, increasing your allocated time for the workouts.

Diet- you need to develop a healthy diet that you can keep up even after you have attained your weight loss goals. Do not punish yourself by not taking some foods, but make sure that your intake of calories is under check. To know this you may consider using calorie consumption calculator to know this. Care should be taken not consume calories below 1000 per day. Research indicates that consuming less than 1000 calories does not help you lose weight. The body requires 1200 calories daily to function properly. Taking less than the minimum amount pose a health risk and you may need to consult a doctor before undertaking this step.

Medication- many medications are claimed able to help you in weight loss. You should take when selecting since most have very severe side effects when taken. The most recommended safe medication includes prescription stimulants, over the counter stimulants, fat blocker weight loss medication and psychotropic weight loss medication. Be sure to consult your doctor before taking any medication.

Commit to losing weight
This is the final but most important aspect when setting your weight loss goals. You need to keep yourself always motivated to follow them and continue burning the calories otherwise, all your plans are as well as useless. One thing that you need to realize is that weight loss battle is in the mind. If you win it, you will achieve your goals.

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Track your progress
This you can do after every one week. You can do this by weighing yourself or calculating the remaining percentage of your body fat. A drop indicates that you are in the right track and it should therefore act as a motivation to you to continue doing what you have been doing. An increase in your body fats might indicate that something is not right and you may need to make necessary changes, like changing your exercise or nutrition. You need to be honest with yourself in this case. Equipments to measure your body fat include:
Body fat calipers- it is the easiest, convenient and fairy accurate method and only needs you to measure one place to know the results.
Body fat percentage calculator- this equipment requires you to measure some parts of the body then you feed them to the calculator then it does the calculation.
Body fat scales- these scales are rather unreliable as they also measure retained water.


Good luck with your weight loss goals.  Feel free to comment and make today and everyday a great day.  Lead that Level 10 Life.