In a recent survey by the IDC (Interactive Data Corp) it was revealed there will be over 1 Billion people using the mobile Internet by 2013.The number of mobile Internet users passed the number of 'Desk Top' computer users in 2008.Providing a Mobile friendly version of your Website or Blog and capturing that traffic is vital, and surprisingly easy.

With just a little work you can have a live version of your site online and available to mobile Internet users, the basic set up can be done in less than 5 minutes.Your new mobile version will be totally compatible with all mobile devices like the iPhone and hand held gaming devices, and it will have a unique 'mobile web URL address'.All mobile traffic that goes to your website will be directed to the mobile address, and it's absolutely free.

Mobile Internet Websites

Setting Up Your Mobile Website

1. Click the link to go to and register a new account.

2. Once you have signed up you will be in your Mobify dashboard, Enter your sites URL address in the 'Mobify a website' section and click 'Mobify'.

Image : Options in the Mobify Dashboard

Mobify Dashboard Layout

3. You will Now View Your Website or Blog inside a frame, choose the areas of your site you want to be added to the mobile version of your site.

You select the areas by hovering your cursor over an area, when the section is circled with a red border click your mouse and move to the next area.

For larger areas drag the red border until it covers the whole section you want.It's recommended to use a one column layout, this would be the 'Header' the main content area and optionally a footer area.Once you have selected the areas you want added click save to get a preview and then launch.

Your mobile website is now live.

Directing Mobile Traffic from your Website to Your mobile website

Mobify provide you with a snippet of code that can be added to the head area of your site, once added all traffic that lands on your website will be directed to the mobile version.

These steps will help you set up the basic version of your mobile website or blog, with a little extra work you could have a whole new layout or theme for mobile users.You have total control over the css design of the site, you can also use some of the extra services provided.I have already set up a mobile version of a blog on Blogger, i have the option to put AdSense on the blog and connected it to Google Analytics to track the performance along with other other extras.

Almost 1 Billion people are waiting for you !

Have you already created a mobile friendly website or blog ?