Setting Up Your Internet Phone Number in Less than Ten Minutes!

Have you ever wondered how to set up a Google Voice Telephone Number?  Have you ever wondered if you should?  Google offers the ability to have an internet telephone number from your own area code, or any other area code in the Country, absolutely free as part of your Google account!  Setting one up is quick and painless.  In this article I will walk you through the steps involved.  I am assuming that you already have a Google account set up.  If you do not have a Google account, you will need to set one up before going ahead.

Before getting into the tutorial, let me give you some reasons why you would want to have an internet phone number.

  • The ability to have one number that rings all of your phones. Think of it as your call center.  One call to this number will forward to any phone number you add.  This is completely optional, but it is an option!
  • The ability to have a number for your mobile business without the need of paying for another landline or cellphone account.  Your Google Voice number looks and acts just like a regular telephone number.  With the ability to record your own voicemail greeting, your customers never need to know it is not tied to an actual phone.  
  • The ability to listen to voicemail from any computer or smartphone from your google page.  This feature is very cool.  Voicemail can be listened to, paused, replayed, downloaded, and all from your computer!  You can have a transcript of the voicemail sent as a text to your phone or email, but this is more for comic relief, as the technology rarely gets the transcript correct.  Still...its cool.
  • The ability to give a number to people who you may not want to have your home or mobile number.  Tired of that guy asking for you number?  Give him you Google voice number with a voicemail letting him know you are not interested.  Consider it your virtual "rejection assistant."

If ou use your imagination, I am sure you will be able to come up with a few more.  Let's get started setting your number up now.

Step One(128737)

Step One

When setting up your Google Voice account you will need to decide whether you want to use your existing mobile number or choose a totally new number.  For the purposes of this article, I would recommend choosing a new number.

Step Two(128738)

Step Two

Before you are able to choose a new Google Voice number, you will need to enter a number for forwarding purposes.  This is also the number Google will call to verify your account.  You are not required to forward calls to this number, and this option can be turned off after the account is set up.

Step Three(128739)

Step Three

You will now see a screen with a two digit verification code.  Google will call the forwarding number you set up and you will be requested to enter the two digit code.  Once this is done, you will hear confirmation and then you may hang up and go back to setting up your account.

Step Four(128740)

Step Four

You are now able to choose the area code for your new Google Voice number.  Make this choice carefully.  If this is for business purposes, you may want to choose an area code within the range of your place of business.  If you do not want the number to be associated with your actual location, you may choose an area code from any other place you want, within the United States.  

Once you choose an area code, you will be given a list of available numbers, along with the cities within that area code.  Again, choose this carefully.

Step Five(128741)

Step Five

Congratulations!  You now have a new Google Voice number!  Simply make a note of the number on the screen and then click finish.  Don't worry if you forget to write it down.  Your Google Voice number can be seen any time you log on to your account.

Step Six

Step Six

Once completing the setup process, you will be taken to your Google Voice homepage.  Under the setting tab you will have the option to have you calls forwarded to another number or just have it ring to you Google account.  By default, your number is set to be forwarded, so if this is not what you want, be sure to uncheck the boxes as I have done in the example above.

Enjoy your new Google Voice number!  Do you already have a Google Voice number?  How do you use yours?