The internet is now a ubiquitous tool for communicating with the masses.  If you are planning on starting a business in the 21st century it is imperative that your business has a web presence.  Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook are all free and allow you to create a web presence on their social networks.  But the eventual goal of these pages is to drive traffic to the website you have created.

Why Not To Use a Subdomain

There are also numerous web hosts that offer free website hosting.  However, if you opt for this free hosting you have to deal with an unprofessional looking domain name such as.  Studies have shown that not having a proper domain name makes your business seem less professional to customers.  Therefore you are less likely to convert on a sale when a customer lands on a site that you have hosted for free.  

Getting a Free Domain

Up until recently it was impossible to get a proper domain name without shelling out upwards of $10 a year.  This might not seem like a lot of money, but why should you pay for a domain name when you can get one for free?  Dot Tk now offers just this solution.  Dot Tk is the official domain registrar of the country of Tokelau, which is a group of three islands off the coast of Australia.  Because the country has one of the smallest Gross Domestic Products in the world it has opted to gain publicity and increase its revenues by giving its domain names away for free.  Please keep in mind that the domain you will be registering through the Tokelau registry will end in tk not com.  Also there is one stipulation and that is if you register a Tk domain, you do not have the ownership rights to the domain just usage rights.  As such Dot Tk reserves the right to cancel usage of their domain if it does not receive at least 25 unique visits in a 90-day period.  However, if you plan to use the domain for a constructive purpose then this quota should be no problem.

The Process

To get started you must first go to the Dot Tk website to register the domain name.  Check to see if it is available and if it is you are all set to go.  Next the website will prompt you and ask how you wish to use the domain.  If you have your own free web host that allows you to use other domains then go ahead and point your newly acquired domain to your web host's servers.  However, if you are not as technically inclined Dot Tk offers a simple solution with their partnership with imcreator.  Simply follow the dialogue screen and select hosting from imcreator.  And that's it.  You now have your very own domain name and web hosting completely for free!  Now all you have to do is build your website which imcreator makes extremely easy by offering a visual website builder.  Now that you are empowered with this knowledge go out and create your own web presence to start making your impact on the world today.