Shaving Every Day

Men everywhere hate shaving each day. In fact, bearded men and those who prescribe to the 3-day-I'm-trying-to-be-George-Clooney look avoid shaving quite well. Of course, most men fail to realize that they don't look like movie stars, they look tired and sloppy. In an age where jobs are a hot commodity, stubble is NOT going to fly at the office. Of course, that isn't to say you can't skip shaving on weekends and holidays. Just let it become a habit. 

There are a variety of tools out there to help you shave each day. Some men prefer a straight edge razor, throw away one-time use razors (not the best choice) or one of many 4-5 blade razors. Pick whichever one you prefer and make using it part of your morning routine. 

The Steps

1. Make sure your face is either freshly showered or washed in hot, steamy water in order to soften your facial hair. Use a glycerin or lanolin based shaving cream and work it into a smooth lather. Cover all parts of your face evenly and fully. 

2. If you are using a straight edge razor, hold it to about 30 degrees on your face. With all other razors, gently push them against your face. Shave WITH the grain. It is a common misconception that shaving against the grain equals a smoother shave. It doesn't. It will, however, create micro-cuts in your skin, as the razor gets caught on the hair and tears your sensitive face. A sharp, new razor works perfectly with the grain of your facial hair. Use long, smooth strokes and rinse the blade in hot water after each one. 

3. Switch hands on opposite sides of your face. This avoids missing spots, which would lead to a sloppy shave. Always use your non-razor hand to pull your skin tight, helping to avoid cuts. 

4. If you do get cut, rinse it in cold water. Capillaries will contract under cold temperatures (why your finger tips turn white in the winter weather without gloves) and the cold water will slow/stop the bleeding. 

5. Rinse your face and dry with a soft towel. Since shaving, even when done perfectly, takes microscopic pieces of skin off your face, use a moisturizer after the shave to protect your face. 

Now repeat this process each morning. Your partner will thank you and you'll look great. 

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