Today you are all going to learn how to shoot clay birds with a shotgun, this is also known as shooting skeet. You can do this simply for fun, or for competition its your choice.

Things You Will Need

A Hunter's Safety Course

12 gauge shotgun


Outdoor Protection (hat, boots, pants.)

Ear Plugs

Safety Glasses

Water And Snacks

Step 1

Shooting clay birds can be an enjoyable experience. Some people do it for many years and get really good. The clay discs are shot from machines in different directions and the shooters take aim and shoot them, the disc will then shatter into pieces. There are different rounds or courses you will go through, you only get 2 shots each time, you will however get many chances on the same course depending on the rules. Once finished shooting you will get a score based on how many you hit on how many that were shot, a typical score would look like 27/100 as in 27 clay birds were shot out of 100. The higher your score the better your chance is to win money or prizes.

Shooting can be difficult, and like all things it takes practice. The main thing to remember is to just slightly lead the clay disc, about 1/8 inch down your sites. You want to remember to shoot where the disc will be, not where it was. Practice, practice, practice, and have fun of course!

Tips & Warnings

Always practice gun safety, its not always required that you have a hunter's safety certificate to compete. It is however a good idea to get one if your going to be handling guns and dont carry them around loaded, always be careful and remember to have fun!