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How To Get Free Groceries With Coupons

Coupons can save you hundreds of dollars a month which means thousands of dollars a year. I got to know about this magic through a friend who once worked with Walmart grocery store in Texas. He flew in from the States for Christmas holiday, and we were on a shopping trip somewhere, and unfortunately, my ATM refused to issue us money, and we started to deliberate on how to carry out our shopping mission. It was at this point that my friend then brought up the issue of shopping free with walmart coupons. At first, I found it difficult to reason with him because in my country, coupon doesn’t exist, or maybe it exist in a different form that I am yet to discover.


He enlightened me on how coupons work in the United States and how one can use it to shop free at a grocery store, honestly I got impressed. One funny thing is the fact that I do come across some of these grocery coupons in some foreign products I patronize, like in magazines and novels, but I hardly knew what they were meant for until the very day I got enlightened about grocery coupons.


Now, what is a coupon? A coupon is a form or ticket entitling the holder to something; an entry form for a football game, a discount price for a grocery item, etc. Who issues coupons? For instance, grocery coupons are mostly issued by manufacturers of grocery items as a form of rewarding their customers or for promotional purposes.


In order words, if you want to buy things for free in a walmart shop, then you must have a coupon, with a grocery coupon, you can buy groceries for free, not only in a walmart store, but in all grocery stores that allows customers to shop free with coupons. I chose walmart because it is the one I know about.

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Free Shopping With Coupon

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How To Get Walmart Grocery Coupons

One of the easiest ways to source for coupons is through the newspaper coupon inserts found in most local newspapers and magazines. Even though I do not live in the United States, I do come across coupons in most American magazines I do read. Another easy way to get grocery coupon is to tell your friends to keep them for you whenever they come across them either in their newspapers, magazines, novels, etc. You can as well get coupons from recycle bins, paper bins, hotel lobbies, etc. My friend also told me that one can use a computer to print coupons off the internet. And from my own perspective, you can source for coupon from any way you can, so long as it doesn’t expose you to danger. Do not forget that you can as well have multiple copies of the same coupon and still use them to shop for free.


You can also email companies and ask for their product coupons. Better still, I was madeto understand that one can buy coupons for pennies. And haven collected these coupons; you must make sure that you safeguard them properly in a well-organized format. I would suggest you organize them according to their expiry date, so that you don’t miss out utilizing any.


From my own personal research, another good way to stay current with the latest coupons is to join certain coupon forums and groups. Some of them include: slickdeals, walmart forums, etc. one of the reasons you need to join these forums is for the fact that information is dynamic, and hence, changes form from time to time. And from participating in these forums, you will be able to follow-up with the latest market promos.

How To Get Walmart Grocery Coupons

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What Other Ways Can One Use To Buy Things Free At Walmart?

Aside the use of grocery coupons, you can get things at low prices at any walmart store during Walmart’s ‘everyday low price’ deal. All you need to do is get the coupons for this deal, and if possible, make prior enquiry if they have the products in stock before going. Haven ensured that the product is in stock; go ahead to redeem the coupons before the deal expires.


Walmart stores also have what they call ‘price rollbacks’ and ‘matching price’. In the last deal, walmart matches their products’ sales prices with the advertised sale prices in other local stores, as a way of giving its customers more value for their patronage, what a great deal?


In order words, I would suggest that you gather all your coupons on time, and then wait for each deal to come up. And once it kicks off, waste no time to redeem them before the deal expires. Honestly, I can’t just wait to start shopping free…lolz. Good luck as you enjoy your free shopping at Walmart!