You can learn to sightread music to perfect your skills at playing music!

An important factor to sightreading music is the ability to recognize music notes quickly. Being able to recognize music notes helps a lot when it comes to playing music.

What you want to achieve in sightreading is to play notes correctly and not necessarily playing the song at the correct speed. Make your primary goal to play each note in the song correctly. Following this technique  of determining the correct music notes makes practicing the song much easier than trying to play a note that is incorrect and your muscle memory makes it hard to correctly later.

When you start sightreading, you should try starting out with easy songs. You can do this easily by trying out songs from a easy music books or buy and print sheet music of your favorite song. Once you have music notes you want to learn, start with reading the first few notes before starting to play. The goal is for you to be read ahead before you play so that you can stay ahead of your fingers which minimizes any pauses for hesitation.

Remember when you start that speed is not the goal to sightreading! Reading and playing music correctly is the goal. If you can have patience and practice each song with care and be conscious of hitting each music note correctly, you will hone your skills with a much better foundation. Sight reading can help with reading  music notes because you are practicing the skill of reading new notes without having reviewed the music before.

Patience is key and practice is essential to playing the music notes impressively like the videos on Youtube. There's no magic technique or product that will enable you to read music quickly and play piano flawlessly. Think in the same mindset as if it was your first time driving a car. Start slowly and pay attention to the notes carefully and put a lot of effort to the notes you play. With enough practice, you build more confidence in your reading music that the speed of recognizing music notes will increase and you will become better and faster.

If you patience to practice everyday of hitting the correct notes, you will be less likely to fix early mistakes later after you've developed a habit!

Your goal  should be to aim to practice piano and reading music by discovering new music for at least an hour a day. You should aim to always play old songs that you have mastered in order to develop your repertoire. It will keep your developing skill level and not waste the time you put into learning a particular song.

Practicing old songs will also become more diverse and impressive if you wish to perform for other people!

In the end, reading music just takes practice and with practice, you will be able to read music perfectly. Try to dedicate time everyday to playing piano, filling out worksheets, and honing your skills to identify and play every song correctly, you will most definitely see results!