Google AdSense is a commercial product that allows publishers to earn money by placing the advertisements of companies on their websites.  The amount of money that you can make depends on the type of advertisements that are displayed on your website as well as the number of clicks that each advertisement gets.  Due to the popularity of Google, Google AdSense is a source of revenue for a wide variety of online writers.  As a new writer, it is important to obtain an AdSense account as soon as possible. 

Google is always seeking to improve their tools.  The latest change has been to lengthen the process of obtaining a Google AdSense account.  The process was  a single step which required you to submit an application to Google AdSense.  However, to provide a better service, Google AdSense has made the process into two steps.  It is important to note that the current AdSense subscribers will not need to be approved again.

The New Process

Step One

The first step in the process is to apply to become a Google AdSense affiliate.  After an individual applies to the program, Google AdSense will check your website.  At this point, you will receive an email. 

Step Two

The second step after receiving this email, depends on the website.  If it is your personal website, then you need to place the Google advertisement code on your website.  There is a link in the email which will take you to a step by step guide on how to create and embed an advertisement. The Google ads will be embedded into your website.  The ads will be invisible because the website has not been approved at this point.  If you do not embed the ad, then you will not be able to become an approved Google AdSense affiliate.

However, if you are an InfoBarrel member, you will only need to add your publisher id to your account.  However, you still will not see ads on your website until you are finally approved under the second part of the process.

Now Just Wait

After you complete the first two steps, you have to wait for final approval of the website.  According to Google, it will take approximately four business days to get a final approval.  However some users have waited a little longer due to some complications.   It may take a week or two to complete the process.

As an InfoBarrel member the process should not be as difficult as it may be for other websites.  However, if you have any problems or questions you can contact the Google AdSense support.  The best way is to use their forum (it appears that they receive too many emails to reply in a quick manner). 


As an InfoBarrel member, it is a good idea to add Google AdSense to your account.  Although a new process has been implemented it is still relatively simple.  The main difference between the old system and the new system is that it is a two step process and takes more time.  The two steps are:

  1. Apply for Google AdSense.
  2. Embed the ads into your website (or for InfoBarrel Members, add Your Publisher Id to your InfoBarrel Account).