sleep better

To sleep better tonight, makes your next day a better day right?

This sounds so easy, get to bed, get to sleep and then wake up in the morning. But what if getting to sleep is not that easy for you? Your day has been busy, you have a million and one things running around in your head, and even as you lay your head on the pillow, you are already thinking about what your hectic schedule will be like tomorrow right?

Well a good night sleep is something we would all like, so how do you sleep better tonight?

Here are a few tips to help:

Have a bedtime routine. Just like when you were a kid, you had a bath, brushed your teeth, maybe a story, whatever yours was, it was a routine. So, to sleep better tonight, try a routine. Try a warm bath, with a soothing cup of chamomile tea, let your mind drift, and then get into your pajamas or nightwear, and put on some socks. Warm feet have been known to help you sleep better. Worth a try right?

Write down your worries. If your mind just can't stop with all the things you need to do. Then before you go to bed, write down everything that is spinning in your head. Getting it onto paper, may help your brain deal with it, like it doesn't have to remember it anymore.

Anxieties of the day, can end up like a "Ferris wheel" in your head. Do you remember, when you went on a Ferris wheel as a kid, that the more the seats filled up the faster it went? Well, your poor old brain can start feeling like that after awhile, just spinning with all your unfinished business and thoughts, it can be hard to sleep like that!.

So, you need to empty some seats! Write it down. Once it is down on paper, it may not be as bad as your brain and imagination have led you to believe. To sleep better, you need to get your worries and chores down on paper. Then quickly look over them, and cross off any that just are not possible, and see if you can come up with a simple schedule for the rest.

Once you have dealt with the list the best way you can, then you should make a cup of chamomile tea, and follow step one with a warm bath routine.

Lavender. Go to the health food store, and find some lavender essential oil. Then put a few drops on your pillow case on the edge. Put some in your warm bath. This will help you sleep better tonight.

Coffee and caffeine. Try and not have any caffeine late in the day. If you can manage, try and not have any after your 3 pm break. Use your evening to wind down. Have some herbal teas, or if you really miss your coffee, go for the decaf in the later part of the day.

News. Stay away from the 11 pm news! This just gets you wound up, with more worries that you cannot do anything about, and can trigger nightmares. If you follow the news, get it during the day with the paper or at your lunch, try and not watch it late at night before bed.

Turn off the electronics. Your bedroom, should not be used for work. As tempting as it is, to have the computer, and your laptop or blackberry and files in your room, it does not make for a relaxing environment.

Read a book. Find a simple plot, or a romance novel, or a happy ending novel. Something that has NOTHING to do with work. That will take your mind away. Have your warm bath with your lavender drops, and your chamomile tea, put on your pajamas and your socks, and then climb into bed with your book, and you eyes will get heavy!

To sleep better tonight, try one of these or all of the above steps. You may not think they will work, but it may just surprise you. Especially the step where you write down all your worries, chores and anxieties of the day. You can do this in a diary, or a pad of paper. You can make it like a to do list. But the purpose of this exercise is to see if there is anything on this list, that you can deal with right now, and cross it off, which will make you feel better or realistically look at the other things and see if they are even possible or you need to come up with a plan for.

Many times your mind is racing, with big thoughts, but mixed in are other little anxieties that just make everything feel like a big stress ball! Example: You are walking in the door from work, and you are thinking about work and a project there, then you think, "oh, I need to walk the dog", "I need to phone my sister", "I need to clean up that mess downstairs the dog made"... every time you see something you think of something else, and it all gets added to that Ferris Wheel I was talking about earlier.

So, once you write this all down, you can pick the things you can deal with now, such as throw on your running shoes and take the dog for a quick walk. (this is good to help you sleep better tonight too!). As soon as you get home, you can grab that spray and clean the mess, and then phone your sister. Now you have three things to cross off the list. You can't do anything about work right now, but you got rid of the smaller anxieties and chores that were making things worse.

Hopefully your brain is slowing down to a calmer speed now. So to sleep better tonight, get into the right frame of mind. Right down your chores, do some of them, then wind down for the evening. Climb into that warm bath, with your lavender and your chamomile tea, and then put on your warm socks and pajamas, climb into that clean "work free" room, and read that romance novel. You should be counting sheep before you know it! So, sleep better tonight and have a great tomorrow.