Don't Be A Stink Bomb!

The last thing you need is to become a walking smell bomb after your workouts. You may like to work out but the smell may not be pleasant. You work to look good but if you don’t smell good after the workout, you might as well keep a distance from everyone.

Showering after your workouts may seem like the best solution but some gyms don’t offer showers. Or some people don’t like to shower around other people. I don’t blame them; it is strange showering around strangers. You’ll never know what might happen if you drop that soap bar!

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We’ve all experienced smelling something weird or just plain horrible. A friend might show up out of nowhere with a horrible smell that you can sense from meters away.

Girls use this as an excuse so they don’t have to work out. Their hair, their makeup and everything just has to be perfect. And if they sweat then they assume they will be all gross and stinky. Not true!rgr

When I was in high school, I used to work out every day. My friends were brutally honest they would tell anyone anything that comes to their minds. Yes that could be a bit mean sometimes but that was high school for me.

I’ve never been told that I stink nor has anyone backed away from me with a reaction of “oh what’s that stench”. And I used to work out until I got really dirty and sweaty.

Though I always had my ways of staying fresh and clean even after the workouts.

If you plan and take pre cautionary steps, you too can smell great after a nasty workout. You wouldn’t even need to take a shower after sweating so much. It takes some preparation and planning.

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Stay Fresh With These Tips


Take a shower before you head to the gym. You can take a shower in the morning so you can wash off all the dirt while staying clean.

By doing this, you will make sure you don’t already stink before the gym because by working out, you’ll magnify the smell even more. If you already stink before working out, then matters will worsen.

Use a special kind of soap. Any deodorant soap is what you should use before the gym. This will keep you smelling fresh. This soap should be used before your workout, possibly in the morning.tht

Don't wear clothes that stink after you sweat. Yes that is quite obvious but this is one of the reasons why people stink in the first place. Some clothes have a special material that just stinks badly. Some clothes are built for sweating and great for workouts like Under armor but this is expensive to buy. Lean towards the cotton or wool based clothes as they don't stink anywhere close to polyester. 

You would think spraying a lot of fragrance and cologne would save you from smelling bad. The more isn't any better for you. You need to spray one or two sprays. Most people use a lot more than that and they just stink of cologne. Use it wisely. 


Fresh After Every Workout

Remember to shower so you're clean before your workout. Use deodorant soap and don't wear clothes that will promote a bad smell. Change your clothes after your workout and wear deodorant. Use cologne wisely.

Workout hard and smell good!