Why You Need A Smoother Looking Skin

Looking good has become a daily panorama for almost everybody in the world today, both male and female. And as we all know, beauty begins from the skin; which means that how smooth a person’s skin looks, signifies how much beauty they have. No wonder we see a lot of skin care lotions, oil, cream, cleansers, etc being introduced into the beauty market daily. Sadly, most of these products are either, ineffective, sub-standard, or costly. It is also noteworthy to know that some are harmful to the skin, especially those with high content of caffeine. Haven known all these adversities, why not try an alternative method of bringing back your skin to a smoother glowing state using natural herbs and fruits, at least it is safer, cheaper and efficient with proven results.


I hardly knew the price of a good-looking skin, until I had a heat rash, OMG! I felt like the entire world was staring at me. My skin as a whole got covered with patches and spots, such that when I used my palm to feel my skin, it was like my whole body was swapped with sand. I am pretty sure that you don’t want to have a scaly skin, because it socks, and it repels people away from you.

Do You Want To Have A Flawless Skin Like This?

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Simple Ways To Smoothen Your Skin Naturally

I told you earlier that I was going back to my root, and you thought I was kidding; now you can see that I am not a liar. In fact, nature has solution to almost every problem in life, including skin treatment. If you are the artificial craze type, please change your mentality now or stop reading because I am taking you back to nature.


There are so many fruits that you can find around you, that has the great ability of curing your skin infections and at the same time giving your skin a smoother look. For the purpose of this article, I am going to restrict myself to only one of the fruits that smooths skin, papaya.

Paw-Paw or Papaya Fruit Helps To Tighten Skin

Paw-paw fruit

Tighten and Smoothen Your Skin With a Papaya Fruit

Paw-paw or papaya was born in Columbia South America, some many years ago, into a family called Carica papaya, and they were 22 in number, but paw-paw rose to fame, becoming the most popular among his family and siblings.


Its popularity owes tribute to its much said miraculous powers owing to the quality ingredients it carries within it: vitamins A and C, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, and soluble vegetable fiber, enzymes (pa-pain), etc. okay much said about paw-paw, let us go straight to how it is used to treat skin infections and for tightening skin.



Get a big ripe paw-paw fruit (yellow)

Scoop out the seeds with a spoon and throw away

Using the same spoon, scoop out the pink flesh

Pour it into a blender

Add about 6 ounces of plain yogurt

Blend for about one minute until it is smooth

Applying The Mixture

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Steps of Applying It

Lie down on a comfortable place using a clean towel or so

Take a small quantity of the mixture in your palm and apply on the affected area or areas

Massage with a circular motion

Cover (wrap) the area tightly with a cellophane tape and allow it for say 35 minutes before removing the tape coverings

Rinse skin with clean lukewarm water

Check your skin for better, smoother looks. Repeat if need arises.


So many natural chemical reactions took place in your skin while doing this, if you really care to know more, then get back to me, but for now, stay cool and beautiful.