This is a guide on how to make your old computer or laptop work Faster and more efficiently by using Linux Operating Systems instead of Windows.

Things You Will Need

Computer or Laptop, Internet Connection, Recordable CD or DVD.

Step 1

A couple of years ago my kids bought me a laptop for my birthday which was pre loaded with windows vista. Great, I thought, I wont have to keep running up the stairs to the computer, if I just need to perform a quick task.
All was well for a while until everything slowed down dramatically. I did the usual known things to speed things up, such as defrag, removing unwanted programs to free up disk space, changing the programs which loaded at start up.This seemed to have some effect, but things got worse eventually.
I was getting loads of updates, a lot of which wouldn't install. The internet was hanging, especially on youtube when running videos. Internet explorer did not respond and when things did work it was very slow.
I was just about ready to ditch the laptop except the kids had bought it for me and I had to do anything I could to save it.
I mentioned the problems I was experiencing to a work colleague who suggested doing a fresh install of the operating system as it may have been corrupted by viruses. If that doesn't work he said just put a Linux operating system on it.
I was sure there were no viruses because I had a very good anti virus loaded., so I looked at several Linux systems and compared them. There are too many to mention, but I eventually decided that Ubuntu was the one that suited my needs. It was easy to use and did everything I wanted, and the best part is that like most other Linux Operating Systems its FREE.
Step one is to research the top Linux Operating Systems and decide Which one is for you. A good comparison site for doing this is Distrowatch.

Step 2

Next step is to go to that particular site and select the latest download. Make sure it is the one for your system, i e 32 bit or 64 bit and that you can run it as a live CD. This allows you to run it and try it out on your computer without actually installing it. Download the file and burn it to a CD or DVD, follow the on screen instructions. Only when your really happy that everything works well and there are no conflicts, do you install. Most of the top ones work out of the box, and will run happily on old computers a lot faster than windows, because they are a lot lighter and don't use up valuable disc space.

Step 3

When you are happy with your new Operating System it is an easy matter to install. You just simply load the disc at start up and follow the on screen instructions.
Because Linux is open source there are lots of free programs out there that you can simply install. Most of what you need will already be installed.
I have never looked back since using Linux and I do everything I did on Windows. But FASTER.

Tips & Warnings

Before Installing your chosen version of Linux, try running the live version first to check compatibility on your system.