Retirement is a big hurdle that most people are afraid of. There's always that though that one can outlive their retirement savings and not have any money left. There are those who don't even think they will retire one day. Whatever your situation, the reality is you can retire. It takes careful planning and a constant reveiwing of your personal finance and portfolio to make sure you are spending your money the right way. There are various tips you can incorporate into your budget while in retirement to help you spend less money and stretch your retirement money a little further. Read on to learn these tips which will help make your retirement savings last as long as possible.

When it comes to vacationing while in retirement, a good way to save money is by taking trips during periods when the destination you plan on travelling to is out of season. For example if you take a vacation to Jamaica during the winter you are more likely to be able to book a cheaper flight or cruise. You can also find better deals and negotiate with travel agencies if you take a vacation out of season.

We all love our children but at some point you have got to cut them off. I'm not saying to completely turn your back on your child if they are out on the streets and can't feed their family. No, I'm saying you should treat your adult aged children like adults and not help them out every time that call you for money or assistance. If you have an adult aged child living with you for one reason or another, then this means charging them rent to live with you and requiring to pay certain bills. Don't be so quick to give Jr. some of your retirement money because he feel behind on his car payments. He has the rest of working years to recoup any money he may have lost of has to pay in fees. You are in retirement and can't simply go back to work if you lose money!

If you and your spouse have two cars, consider using one less car and sharing a car with your spouse and/or family. If you have one less car, then you can save a lot of money on car insurance, car maintanence, and gas for the second car.

Look for discounts and freebies all around you that you can take advantage of. You can find discounted rates for senior citizens in a lot of places. Many restaurants allow seniors to eat for a discount rate, and seniors can get discounts on things like hotel rooms, or car rentals. Never forget to ask if you qualify for a discount before you buy something.

If you are in retirement, then it don't rack up a lot of credit card debt if you can help it. Your best bet is to use cash. This will keep you from having to pay extras fees and interest on credit which can cut into your savings. Cash will help protect your money and help you save more of it. By the time you are retired you should have most if not all of your debt paid off anyways from school loans, to house mortgages.

Lastly, look for ways to create as much passive income as possible. Cash flow is important in retirement. If you can find ways to increase your cash flow and even replace apart of your salary earned from working without actually working then you will enjoy a much more comfortable retirement. Consider investing in real estate and renting out properties, or starting your own business, or even taking to the internet to make money. The opportunities are endless.

In conclusion, you can enjoy a successful retirement. It just takes budgeting, discipline and careful spending habits. Do you know of any other tips that can help retirees spend less money in retirement? Share them with a comment on this article. Good Luck!