Rainy days at the beach are inevitable. Sometimes you are so focused on spending all your time in the sun that you don't know what to do with yourselves when a cloudy or drizzly day comes along. Here are some ideas of things you can do as a couple on a rainy or overcast day at the beach.

rainy beach day

Image Flickr Arkadiusz Benedykt

Have a leisurely breakfast or lunch in town
Pick up a local newspaper and visit a cafe that you have not been to before. Have a leisurely breakfast or an early lunch. Bring your laptop along if wifi is available or just catch up on your journal or blog if you are a writer. Pick up some postcards and write them out while you sip your coffee.

Walk through town.
Beach towns are nice and picturesque. Look in the art galleries, check out the homes for sale in the
real estate office windows, or just look at the architecture on the old houses. Check out some antique
stores or pick up souvenirs.

Be a photographer
Many of us don't take our cameras to the beach for fear of getting sand in them. Taking pictures when it is very bright out can make the shots kind of flat. But on a rainy or overcast day, you get some contrast and can get some good pictures. Walk around and take some landscape or beach photos. Go down along a marina and take pictures of the boats. Post all your pics up on Facebook. Take some closeups, there's no rush.

Go see a movie
Go to a matinee in a local movie theater or rent some DVDs and have a movie afternoon. Stop by the grocery store and get some popcorn and snacks and just have a lazy day at home.

Go for a walk on the beach
An overcast day makes the beach look completely different than it does when the sun is shining. Usually you will have the beach all to yourselves. Put on a sweatshirt and just go for a long walk on the beach to look at the grey water and waves. Sometimes after a storm, different shells and things can be tossed up on the sand. Just go beach combing if you don't want to do a power walk.

Go golfing
Golfing is fun, even if you aren't that good at it. You can get some fresh air and a little exercise. You can rent clubs at most public courses. If you'd rather not be caught outside if it showers, or if you're not a golfer, try just hitting a bucket of balls at a driving range or playing putt-putt golf.

Rent bikes
Try renting bikes and riding along the beach, on the boardwalk if there is one, or just along some country roads nearby. Usually you can rent bikes by the hour, half day or full day for reasonable rates.

Play games at the boardwalk
If there is a boardwalk, take a walk along it and play some games in the arcades. Grab an ice cream cone or some fries and watch the boardwalk life go by.

Make a nice dinner

On sunny days at the beach, you usually are tired when you come home and don't have the energy to put into a fancy dinner. On a rainy day, plan out a multi- course dinner, get your supplies at the grocery store, and make a nice early evening dinner together.

Go to Happy hour
Stop by for a drink at happy hour and just relax. If you are hungry, you can get an early bird dinner for a discount. Sometimes we need a cloudy beach day to get a break from the sun and just catch up on rest.