Whenever people think about weight loss through nutrition, they probably imagine people eating chicken breast salads day and night for all of their meals; this is mainly because salads are an absolutely amazing tool for weight loss. Now the fact that they are extremely healthy does not change the fact that they can be boring and bland at times. However, what many people don't know is that there are a countless amount of ways that you can spice up a salad to make it taste exciting by tickling their taste buds. When I imagine creating my stupendous salad I try to think of it as a 5 step process that is similar to building a house.

The first step involves choosing what I like to call a base; this relates to constructing a foundation and framework when building a house. It is the first step, and is absolutely necessary to continue. Many people choose the basic iceberg lettuce head; however, there are many other options to choose from. Other people may decide to use radicchio, spinach, romaine, swiss chard, arugula, curly endive, leaf lettuce, or red-tip leaf lettuce. As you can see the options are nearly endless. And seeing that this is only the base, one can only imagine the overall possibilities.

The second step involves choosing what I like to call a filler; this relates to installing drywall and floors when building a house. It involves adding a food product that will add some nutritional value to the salad. Many people choose to add chicken breast to the salad; however, I have heard of different people using fillers such as tuna, salmon, and even been with their salad.

The third step involves deciding upon what I like to call a second flavour; this relates to installing windows and doors when building a house. It involves adding a small amount of an additional food product to slightly alter the taste of the base and filler. Many people choose to use slices of cucumber; however, I have also seen people use things like carrots, tomatoes, and bell peppers. It is also possible to use more than one secondary flavour, although you must keep an eye on the calories added as compared to your caloric budget.

The fourth step would be to add what I call the toppings; this compares to painting the drywall when building a house. It involves adding a liquid to add some flavour and moisture to the salad. Many people use balsamic vinegar; however, many other options include a vinaigrette, bottled salad dressings, lemon juice, or olive oil.

The fifth would be to include what I call the sprinkler; this compares to painting the baseboards and trim when building a house. It involves sprinkling a spice onto the salad for added effect. Many people use salt for this; however, some other options are black cracked pepper, cayenne pepper, or parsley.

This article provides you with only a few examples of many possibilities of ways to spice up your salad to make it more exciting for your taste buds. You can pretty much mix and match any examples that were provided in this article with any other alternatives that you may come up with; however, the only thing that I would recommend would be to keep an eye on the caloric values and nutrient content of the salad. I have heard stories where people come up with a salad combination that tastes like a professional chef made it, and even when tasting the salad myself I would definitely say that it tastes amazing. However, when analyzing the contents of the salad, the individual has frowned through the realization that the salad is no longer deemed as healthy and does not promote weight loss through nutrition. I am not in any way telling you to stick to calorie free, boring salads; I am telling you to watch what you add to it and keep track of the calories being added!