Living with a roommate certainly has its advantages. If you get bored from time to time, now you have someone else to speak with or even hang out around your neighborhood or city. But what about the utility bills. If you live with 2 or 3 roommates those costs will be considerably less for each of you. But sometimes we have roommates who leave their lights in the rooms on all day long, turn the a/c units down considerably, or leave their electronics products plugged in for the duration of the day. Although it would be nice to receive itemized bills, its just not going to happen. 

 So if you feel that one roommate should pay more than you or the others, we have listed some tips regarding sharing, splitting, and paying your bills.

 Pay Those Bills On Time

 Make sure you get your bills on time. If your late, fees can be assessed and sometimes service will be completely disconnected. Many renters simply designate one individual who will be responsible for paying all of the bills on time. In this case you might just allow this person to take care of all the bills including phone, electricity, and Internet.  Other people will vary who pays the bills from one month to the next. But make sure everyone knows. Lay out a calendar in the kitchen or other common areas that all of the roommates can check to see who is paying bills that month.

 How To Split The Bills

 Since you cannot itemize an electricity bill, you will have to find a way to divide it another way. Sit down with your roommate before hand and come to an agreement. Maybe you can divide it up by percentages. Or maybe you can just split it evenly if the costs are not too high. 

 But before you set up any utilities, there should be someone whose name it is under. It might also be a good idea to allow that person to add and change services based upon pricing.