When we think of brides, we typically think of them walking down the aisle in a traditional white gown. White can easily attract stains. Accidental spills or a brush against a dirty surface will definitely stand out against the pristine white bridal gown. What is a bride to do, especially if there is no time to run to the dry cleaners. If your wedding is hours or minutes away and you accidentally get a stain, you need to know what to do to cover the stain or remove the stain from your bridal gown so your whole day is not ruined. If it is not the day of your wedding and you have time to bring the wedding gown in for cleaning -- do so. Most wedding dresses require professional dry cleaning so as not to ruin the material.

Cleaning Dirty Marks

If you have dirty marks all about the bottom hemline of your gown from stepping on the bridal gown or from your wedding gown simply sweeping the floor -- find chalk, white chalk that is. Lay the dirty edge of the bridal dress on a flat surface. Take a piece of white chalk and rub the chalk over the dirty mark. The dirty marks will disappear if only temporarily. Keep
the white chalk with you throughout the day for touch ups from now until the photographer is finished with the pictures.

Water Spills

If you or someone else has spilled water on your bridal gown, absorb it with talcum powder. Water will leave stains on most wedding gown fabrics. Blot up as much water as you can with a clean white towel. Do not press the cloth against the bridal gown too hard because you will create wrinkles or puckering in the fabric. Never use a colored cloth because you can easily end up with the color of the cloth smeared on the front of your gown. Generously sprinkle talcum powder over the wet spot and let the talcum powder absorb the remaining moisture. Brush off the talcum powder after a few minutes so you do not leave a white powdery spot on those who chose to wear dark colors to your wedding.

Red Wine Spills

Oh No! someone spilled red wine on you or maybe you did it to yourself. Hurry to the bathroom and send a bridesmaid or two to the bar for fresh club soda. Grab a white cloth and blot the stain from the inside of the wedding gown. Do not rub the stain or you will have a large smeared stain all over your white gown. Soak a second white cloth with club soda, blot the stain with the club soda soaked rag and then with the dry rag. Keep alternating between wet and dry rags until the stain is gone. If the stain lingers, let it dry, but do not use heat to dry it because heat from a blow dryer or a bathroom hand dryer will permanently set the stain in your wedding dress, color the dry stain over with white chalk.

 Cleaning Your Wedding Gown

Ask your maid of honor, your mother, your sister or another wedding attendant to bring your gown to the dry cleaners. This way your bridal gown is well on its way to being professionally preserved before you even get back from your honeymoon.

Never throw a dry clean only wedding gown into the washing machine or clothes dryer.

Avoid using spot cleaners and laundry stain preteaters because they can permanently damage the wedding dress's fabric.