Just the word itself is enough to send some women’s blood curl. This is because it is one of the top nagging problems that most women encounter in life. It is girl’s worst enemy.

Men have no problem with stretch marks since only women get much preoccupied with their skin appearance. Funny enough even the ladies that have no interest in makeup and other girlie stuff tend to strive to achieve a blemish free skin, skin without stretch marks and other unwanted marks.

So what exactly are these marks?

Stretch marks occur when the skin tissues stretch rapidly which leads to tears in the skin. Stretched skin causes its connective fibers to break and bleed internally on a rather small scale. When the tiny tears get to heal, scars form commonly referred to as stretch marks.


These scars usually form on the parts of body that stores quite some amount of fat. These parts include the stomach, thighs, hips, buttocks and also the breasts. A large number of stretch marks victims are the pregnant ladies (though not all), who get them on the stomach, some at the hips and later on the breasts when they start breastfeeding. People that engage in a lot of exercise like the bodybuilders also tend to get stretch marks as a result of weight training.


Depending on one’s skin color, stretch marks appear as thin pink, brown or even dark brown lines. These later turn to bright purple or brown. The affected area is usually indented but with time the marks tend to flatten and gradually fade to a color that is lighter than one’s skin tone.


Apart from trying to prevent sudden weight gain or loss, the bad news is that there is little one could do to prevent the unwanted marks from appearing. If one is pregnant, she should look at stretch marks in a positive eye since it is part of the growing baby inside her.

How to get rid of stretch marks.

Despite the fact that there are a lot of products in the market claiming to make stretch marks disappear, there is no 100% cure for stretch marks. The best thing one could possibly do is to make the stretch scars look less obvious. Ways that could help in doing this are:

Diet. A balanced diet is very important for a healthy person and more so a balanced diet offers solutions to beauty problems such as developing stretch marks. Thus one should stick to an appropriate diet and watch out on his weight.

Oils. It is recommended that one rubs hempseed oil, olive oil or Vitamin E oil into the stretch marks after an evening bath.

Vitamin E Capsules. A daily dose of these capsules will go a long way in reducing stretch marks. But one should consult a doctor before taking the capsules especially if you are on other medications, pregnant or breastfeeding.

Tretinoin cream. This is also known as Retin A. it greatly reduces the appearance of stretch marks. It is not recommended for women who are breastfeeding or pregnant.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter or Oil is widely known to work well on stretch marks. It is most suitable for dark toned women since it works by making the area with stretch marks turn dark.

Other radical treatments such as microdermbrasion (exfoliation process) and laser surgery greatly reduce the color of stretch marks.

After everything is said and done, one should know that stretch marks usually fade with time and like other beauty flaws it is only an individual that is aware of his/her body marks.