Do you have the difficult task of hosting a children's party and an adult party all-in-one? These days, joint celebrations are the practical alternative. These days, it is difficult to find a baby-sitter, much less a reliable one, that your kids approve of. As party hosts, we are left with no alternative but to invite the entire family if you ever want to connect the people closest to you. It may seem impossible to plan such an event, but adults and kids' parties do not have to be separated at all times. You can have an organized, eventful and fun wing-ding all rolled into one. Here are some practical suggestions you may plan on doing.

Divide and Conquer:

If you have the space or available rooms in your house, divide the adults from the kids. The adult room is intended for hard drinks, adult themed games (like poker for example), censored topics and conversations. The children's area is where the toys and loud video games are located. These spaces must be clearly separated so that the adults and young ones have minimal interruption. As much as possible, set up the kid's play area in your basement or attic. This will allow you to mute the distracting noise and ensure a more pleasant party for everyone.

Different Palettes:

Entice the adults to a special exquisite party feast. Choice meats like steaks, lamb or baked chicken can be served alongside fancy appetizers, salad and wine. For the kids, you can serve them the usual delectable party food of fried chicken, spaghetti and sodas. Both the adults and kids can enjoy the same dessert. Keep in mind that a sure way to a guest's heart is always through his stomach.

Set the Mood :

Another way to create the proper atmosphere in a party is with the use of lighting and sound. Use dimmer mood lighting for the adult's room, coupled with music appropriate to the theme of the gathering that your friends or family will enjoy. The children's play room on the other hand must have ample lighting to avoid any accidents when they playgames.

Set the Right Time:

It is best to set your party at a time where all guests will be energetic and awake. If necessary adjust the time of your party to an hour or two earlier. This will give your guests to have ample time to eat, mingle and relax. Starting a little bit early will also ensure that the young ones are not partying way past their bedtimes.

Do It Yourself Favors:

souvenir]. You can use a Polaroid camera or photo printer and laminating machine for this instant party favor. Take a group photo of your guests. Print the photo and laminate it to the right size. Punch a hole and attach a small chain to it. These can now be used as bookmarks, key chains or bag tags. Take it a step further using a glue gun and attach a magnet for a fun refrigerator magnet. Don't forget to set-up a nice photo area in your home-- like a chic couch filled with pillows, a themed inspired wallpaper backdrop, or using your gazebo, maximizing the natural lighting from the sun.