Do you want to start your own business and pursue your passions?

Being an entrepreneur and starting your own business is a very fulfilling route in life, but it is also a very challenging one. Most people find themselves stuck with their full time job, which doesn’t really leave them with any time or energy to start building a business.

Aside from your job, there are also other factors like family, friends, social circle, hobbies, relaxing, vacations, and all sorts of other commitments.


Have the confidence that you will succeed if you set your mind to building a business. Even when you have a job, and you cant quit because you need the income, you have to have faith that you will be able to do it.

Building a business will definitely be a hundred times harder than you think it will be. If you probably knew how hard it is, or what you’d have to go through to succeed, most people will definitely give up before even trying.

Therefore it is good if you have the confidence to just take the risk and pursue it. Rather than if you don’t even believe in yourself, you probably wont get yourself to take action.

Make Sacrifices

Be aware that when starting a business, it will drain a lot of your effort, time and energy. Unlike a job where you report to work at 8am and go to lunch at 12, and go home at 5pm, this isn’t the case for building a business.

With a business, you’ll only see results when you make money with it. This takes more commitment from yourself than anything else. You have to stay very focused on your goal and be willing to make sacrifices, such as watching TV, using the computer, playing games, meeting your friends, spending time with your loved ones, going on a holiday, etc.

You have to really think about the things you are willing to sacrifice. Most people are just not willing to give up their fun lifestyle, or hanging out with their friends to start a business. If you have that mindset, then building a business may not be suited for you. When you start your business, you have to stay committed to it throughout.

The easiest way to imagine a scenario where you have to make sacrifices is during the weekdays. Lets say you are working from 8 to 5pm. That leaves your after work hours (6pm to 11pm) free for your business.

Schedule Your Life

This is an important part if you want to manage your time as effectively as possible. Without a schedule or a plan, you will just go by the day aimlessly, doing whatever you feel like doing.

Assuming you’re supposed to work on your business from 6pm to 10pm, but if you do not know what specifically to work on, you will end up getting distracted and deviating from your business. 

Start by planning your week in advance. Know the times that you will be working on your business, the times you allocate for your loved ones, for exercise, for socializing and relaxing, etc.

When you set your schedule, it is vital that you DO NOT deviate from it. Lets say you planned to work on your business today, and suddenly your friend asks you out for a drink. You have to be willing to say ‘no’. Do not be reactive to your surroundings, be proactive and make decisions for yourself.

Starting Your Business

If you are thinking of doing it, my advice is to do it. It will be worth it, as it forces you to grow as a person, because you will need huge amounts of discipline and commitment to really do it. It’s definitely way tougher than having a job, but the potential of this will be much bigger.

When you run your own business and your income is steady enough, you can even think of quitting your job to expand your business further. Imagine setting your own working hours, working at home, having the freedom to travel the world as and when you want, earning passive income, making valuable contacts from all over the world, etc. 

The benefits are endless. A business is the best way for a person to undergo self-development and become a better and stronger person in the end.