Many people dream of starting there own clothing line. Anybody can start there own clothing line. If you are limited on start up money then you will have to work even harder. If you have dreams of starting your own clothing line.


The first thing you need to do when starting your own clothing line is to create your vision. It is like your business plan. Write down what you envision for your clothing line. Write down your target market. Write down the socio-economic class of the people you want to target.

What is unique about your clothing line. Once you have all of your thoughts down organize them by typing them out on your computer in a way that potential investors will be able to read and understand.


You need a name for your clothing line. Brainstorm some ideas and jot all of them down. After you have decided on your choice of names hire a lawyer to do a name check in all 50 states. Make sure that no one else is using the name you choose. If the name is free and available then you need to trademark your name.


All clothing line usually have a logo that instantly identifies the brand of clothing. You need to hire someone to create logo for your clothing lineup. Let them read your vision or at least share it with them. Graphic artists tend to be visual thinkers so if you explain too them your vision for the clothing line along with who you target market is expected to be then they will have more to work with when generating ideas for your new logo.


After you have trademarked a name and had a custom logo designed you need to set up a website for your new clothing line. The initial website is not to sell clothing to consumers but simply to begin branding your clothing line before you even have had it manufactures.


Sketch out and design the clothing you want to create. Do not necessarily follow current fashions. By the time you actually get the clothes manufactured the current clothes will no long be fashionable. Do not try and guess what the next fashion will be either. You are a clothing designer not a follower. You are to create trends and not simply follow trends.


You need to incorporate your business. This will help you to build your business credit as well as enable you to find potential angel investors.

Sample Models

You now need to have some actual models of you clothing made up. If you are good at sewing you may be able to do this yourself. If you have to find a great seamstress who can sew up your clothing line to your exact specs. You can use the new clothes to help find investors as well as showing them to the manufacturers.


You need to decide if you are going to have your clothes made in the United States or are you going to have them made overseas in a place such as China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan. Normally a custom order of clothes will be manufactured cheaper over seas but if you are only having a small lot such as 1/4 semi truck load or smaller manufactured then it may be cheaper o have it done here in the United States. If you clothing line takes off and you need to make a huge order of clothes then you can transfer production of your clothing line to an overseas manufacturer.

You can find manufacturers online by searching Google and Bing.

Sales and Promotions

Once you receive your shipment of clothes from the manufacturer you can then begin to contact small independent retail stores if you want to sell your clothes in a traditional brick and mortar store.

You must offer your clothes for sale on your website. You will now begin selling your custom clothing line at your website.


You may want to hire a few handsome guys and hot babes to wear your clothes for some picture shoots. You do not have to find a professional model for this. You can network and easily find a handsome hunk or sexy babe that will model your new clothes for a fraction of the cost of using a modeling agency.

After the picture shoots you can use the images of the beautiful models to market your clothing line online and in traditional print media.

Start Small

If you clothing line is targeted to teens then find out who the popular kids are at the local supercooling. Set up a meeting with some of the popular kids and there parents. At the meeting you will ask if the popular and sociable teens will wear your clothes. You will give them the clothes to wear for free and also a small cash payment.

Once a core group of popular kids begin wearing something at there high school many of the other kids will follow. The other kids will want to be wearing the new fashionable line of clothes simply because a few of the popular kids are.

Once you get a lot of kids at the high school wearing your line of clothes your fashion line of clothes will begin to spread slowly to other schools and then too other nearby towns. If you continue doing this you can spread the popularity of your designer clothing line to teens all over the Country.

Starting your own clothing line is not cheap or easy. If you have the ambition and work ethic to do everything that needs done then you will eventually be able to get the funding for your custom line of clothing.

You must give 100 percent effort at all times to your new forage into the custom designer clothing world. All popular clothing lines started off really small. As long as you are willing to continue working hard and have the drive there is no reason at all why you will not be able to be successful as you start your own clothing line.

Start small and thing big!