Be My Own Boss

Cleaning Houses For A Living

If you are a detail-oriented, conscientious cleaner of your own home, you might want to think about cleaning other people’s homes for a living. It is hard work, so you need to be in good shape physically. You also need to be a “people person” because your customer relations skills are inevitably going to play a huge role in the potential success of your housecleaning business. You will also need to be able to keep track of the money you earn for accurate taxpaying purposes. You also need to have some money saved up in order to support yourself while you get your housecleaning business off the ground.

Research the going rates for housecleaners in your area so that when you set your prices for your new housecleaning business they are in keeping with the going rates. You don’t want to set rates that are too high or too low. (You will also need to look into insurance, bonding, and tax information as it relates to setting up a housecleaning business.) If you are bonded and fully insured, you will have a much easier time attracting and keeping customers.

Find your first customers. You can post your name and contact information at your local grocery stores, post office and other local places with community bulletin boards. This free form of advertising can net you a surprising number of phone calls. Of course, if you know someone personally who has been looking for a professional housecleaner, you can offer your housecleaning services. You can also distribute business cards and door flyers. The cards need to be professional and attractive because you are using them to create a first impression on potential customers.

Express yourself with confidence when you talk to people whose homes you are interested in cleaning, but always be honest about the fact that you are just getting started in this business. However, if you have worked as an employee for other housecleaning companies in the past, emphasize this fact and be ready to provide references attesting to your skills as a housecleaner. Do not be shy or timid in your approach. Potential customers want to know that you feel confident about the services you are going to provide for them. If you believe in yourself and your skills, this will shine through and help you attract customers.

Work out the terms of service right away. For instance, customers will need to cover the cost of cleaning supplies. (Consider using natural cleaning products.) And then clean each home as thoroughly as you possibly can. After all, word of mouth advertising is very precious. If your customers recommend you to their friends and family members, this can boost your business substantially.

Cleaning homes for a living is extremely hard work, but it can also be quite lucrative once you build up a regular client base.