Open A Temporary Staffing Agency

Connect Temporary Workers With Employers

In the current economy, many more employers are hiring temps for short term assignments. It is a cost effective way for employers to handle brief upsurges in demand for personnel. Not only that, but it also enables companies to “audition” potential permanent hires by employing them first on a temporary basis. If you decide to enter this business, you will be doing a great service, not only to people who are in need of work, but also to employers who are looking for the best workers to staff their companies.

Temporary staffing also fills a need on the part of many workers who do not want permanent work at a given point in their lives for any number of possible reasons. College students and people who have retired are often drawn to temporary jobs, for example.

Save money so that you have enough capital to start your temporary staffing business. Most people find that if they have saved up between $7,500 and $20,000 they have enough to start this kind of business. (Payroll, as you can well imagine, is the largest expenditure in the field of temporary staffing.)

Set your prices. Consult with management consultants who are specialists in the temporary staffing business to determine what you are going to charge potential clients. You can raise this fee as your business becomes more established and well known in your area.

Advertise your services. It is likely that there are other temporary staffing companies in or near your city, so you will need to get your name out there if you are going to attract business.

Invest in all of the usual office equipment that one would need to run a small business, including office furniture, a quality computer and printer, two or more telephone lines, and so forth.

Keep very careful track of all of your expenses and earnings so that come tax time, you will be able to file your taxes with total accuracy.

As an individual with a temporary staffing business, you can consider yourself the broker or “middleman” between people seeking temporary employment and companies seeking temporary workers. You need to keep both parties happy if you are to stay in business over the long haul. In time, and as soon as you start turning a profit, you can hire someone to assist you with the running of your temporary staffing business.