Are you entertaining the idea of working for yourself, but not sure about how to start a small home based business? Provided you have enough space at home and a broadband internet connection, there are many self-employment ideas suitable even for those without money to invest on them. Starting up a home based business is easier than you imagine.

Reserve Your Working Space

It’s very important to dedicate some space of your home exclusively to be your office, and make sure everybody knows that it’s your working place. Having a space reserved just for work will help you keep work and family life separated, so try to avoid setting shop on a corner of the dining room or the kitchen unless you really have to. You should set-up a home office with a good size desk, natural light and ergonomic office equipment if you expect to spend long hours working on a computer, as this will prevent health problems developing. As a self-employed professional, your health is one of your most important assets, as you cannot produce revenue if you are sick.

Plan to Succeed

Planning beforehand is key to success as a small home based business owner. Before you go to the tax office and register your intention to start trading, read all you can about how it will affect your taxes, whether you need permits or certificates and where can you find support in case you need it. Networking events for new entrepreneurs are a great place to meet likeminded individuals and listen to people who have already been there and succeed. Consider booking a chat with a business financial advisor to see which legal form will work best for your business, and how to go about getting funding.

Tell People When You’ll Be Open for Business

Once you are sure your business idea is viable, now it’s the time to tell family and friends about it, and establish a launch date. This serves two purposes: On one side, you’ll be more likely to go through with your business idea if you know others expect you to, and on the other side family and friends can be a great source of leads through word of mouth marketing. Many small businesses started with clients that were friends of friends or work colleagues. Setting a deadline will also stop you from procrastinating and getting distracted by other things. If you know you’ll need to outsource parts of your business now it’s the time to pre-select potential business partners for things such as freelance content writing or accountancy, as you won’t be as busy as when you actually start it.

Go Above Your Customers’ Expectations

While you should always aim to provide an amazing service to each and every client, the first ones are especially vital because they will be the ones leaving testimonials, recommending you and helping you get more business. So make a point to be the best business partner they’ve ever had, even if it involves doing more than it’s on the paper. For example, if you are writing for money you may want to give your new customers some free marketing advice, or content strategy consulting. Money back guarantees are actually good at this point, despite the fact that you may lose some money, as they will reinforce your reputation even if you don’t have a large portfolio of clients to show.

And finally… just do it. Don’t find excuses such as the economy, the weather or the fact that you don’t really know how to run a business, because the only secret you need is dedication and hard work, and a desire to succeed. If you want to learn the secrets of how to start a home based business, just find a business idea that motivates you and get started today.