Everyone seems to be interested in earning a little extra money from home these days.  Nobody is just satisfied with the income they bring in from their job.  We also live in a society that is starting to encourage minimalism, and not being the type of person who just wallows in their possessions.  Luckily, eBay is a great way to embrace both of these trends.

If you have ever wanted to start an eBay business from home, this article should help you out.  I have been selling on online for six years, making it my full time income within the past year.  And although I have expanded to other websites, and also deal through places like Amazon and Craigslist, I believe that eBay is the best place to start for beginners, and it will help you learn a lot.

Get Rid of Your Old Stuff

To help you jump into selling on eBay, I recommend you try using the site to get rid of some of your old possessions around the house.  Since you are just beginning, you want to make sure that his is something you are interested in doing, and this gives you a great way to test things out.  Plus you'll fetch far more money than a yard sale would.

selling old stuff

You can use this as a learning experience to see what helps an item sell better.  Figure out how you can improve your pictures, descriptions, titles, etc.

What items should you try and sell?  Anything works, but if you really haven't done anything like this before, it may be wise to start out with some form of media.  Think books, CDs, DVDs, video games, stuff like that.  These are all good ideas because they are cheap and easy to ship, easy to take pictures of, and you can't really mess up the descriptions of them.  If you want to start out with items like antiques or collectibles, you may mess something up in the details of the item that could result in the buyer being unhappy.

Build Up Your Feedback

Part of the reason that it is so important to make some easy sales around the house first is that, in addition to helping educate you on the process of online sales, you build up feedback.  Feedback is very important on eBay, much more so than other websites like Amazon.  Buyers will look at your profile, and this is what they see and make decisions on.  Nobody wants to buy with a guy who has negative feedback.

This is another reason you shouldn't start with items that are hard to describe like antiques or collectibles.  The last thing you need is someone being upset about an item and giving you a negative feedback when you have

To help build up feedback, you can also buy items.  This will at least make your account look like it has some experience to it.  But when it comes to selling, so long as you are giving exceptional service, you will be fine.


Find Yourself a Niche

After you are done selling things around the house, if you are serious and still want to pursue your own eBay business, you will need to identify a niche.

Look around at all of the big eBay stores, businesses, and profiles.  Most of these guys aren't selling tons of different items, and the ones that are are usually the eBay accounts of companies like Target or Buy.com.  The rest of successful eBay businesses have specific niches that they do well in.

Whatever you decide, make sure that it has some good demand on eBay (you can check sold listings to see how frequently and for what amounts of money items sell) and that you can find a steady supply of items to continue listing and making cash on.

It should also go out without saying that you understand your niche well, and that you are able to quickly identify the value of items within it.  Whether it's video games or vintage electronics or home improvement tools, make sure you find it interesting enough to follow industry trends and the like.  You've got to stay on top of the niche if you want to be ahead of your competition.

Have Your Own Style

Ultimately, the really successful eBay users get to where they are because they are willing to experiment and forge your own path.  If you are considering starting your own eBay business, then you know that this is a very entrepreneurial venture.  There are guides and things like that which can assist you, but there is no step by step lesson book for success.

You need to be willing to experiment and see how the customers react.  I mentioned earlier that you should see how different pictures and the like affect sales.  This becomes way more important when you are trying to lead a niche and be one of the bigger players in that selling industry.  If you continue doing what everyone else is doing, you will find it to be a struggle.

There are lots of ways to form your own style.  I've talked about the pictures a few times now, and that's because they are important.  See how good lighting and a clean backdrop improves your sales.  You don't need a big area set aside in your house for something like this, but it could really make a massive difference in how customers see your business, and you as a professional.

Titles are another thing to be very considerate of.  Although nobody is completely certain as to how eBay listings are indexed in search results, we are all aware that titles are the biggest part of it, if not the only factor.  So try out two different titles on the same item, see if you can charge more for one.  Or perhaps one will sit for 30 days as a Buy It Now item with few hits, while the other sells in a couple of days.  Heck, it may not even make any difference at all, but you have to be willing to try, because that's what makes sellers successful.